Spoken Word

Divine Revelation of Truth and Life

Available on iTunes, Google Music, Spotify, Amazon Music and many other internet music streaming services as part of your streaming subscription.

I really don’t want the royalties I seem to be forced to charge if you don’t have a music subscription. So please, if you just want to listen a few times, just go here to these links one after the other.

The words are public domain so please feel free to download them and play them in your prayer groups or at Mass. Mosques and synagogues too. Even atheist hospitals if you want to.

  1. This is Wisdom
  2. This is Truth
  3. Gloria
  4. On the people of His Kingdom
  5. His Crucifix
  6. Devotion to His Sweet Heart
  7. Prayer of the Sweet Heart of Jesus
  8. The Light of the World
  9. This is Life
  10. One God forever and ever

Moorside Tapes

These are recordings taken while in detention for my Roman Catholic Faith by atheist psychiatrists in Moorside.

  1. America
  2. This is why I am
  3. The Way
  4. So long, travelling stranger
  5. The Road, My Saviour