The Lord God revealed to me the Truth about evolution

God has formed mankind from the dust.

He has taken civilisation from Adam and Eve. They were given souls.

They were chosen by God to be mankind.

There is no missing link between Adam and Eve genetically from the first microbe Our Lord created on Earth from the hot springs of the deep sea.

This is known to be scientifically correct. I have known it myself from school and television, but I cannot confirm the science. I am not a biologist, chemist or physicist. I am a computer scientist, and a thinker too.

I have known only one thing, there is a disparity in modern science with the Book of Genesis and here is the missing link I was told of by Our Lord tonight.

All want comes from God.
Want is a synonym for will and both are synonyms for desire.

Our vocations come from God.

Our desire to reproduce comes from God, and not limited to mankind.

Our desire for our partner and if there is polygamy then indeed it does also, come from God.

You have known mutations in DNA.

We have ridiculed the Word of God because of our lack of knowledge of one thing we have not understood even from our science textbooks.

DNA mutates in generations. Even in the sac and the fallopian tubes.

Generations are formed from desire for certain partners.

Generations are formed by God.

You have seen this.

You have an answer.

Refute it if you will, but don’t deny it, it is true.

Doubt leads to questions that need answers.

Doubt leads to knowledge of other areas of science needing answers too.

Think instead of denying.

If you can not resolve the question.

Pray for His Truth.

Evolution is from God.

Evolution is true, it is seen even in the influenza virus in short periods of time.

Evolution is scientifically proven, and so is desire.

If you can explain desire and scientific evolution in another way, know there is more to reveal to you from Our God.

Work to find whatever you are called to find.

Evolution is a capital E, not Darwin’s lower-case scientific process of chaos. Darwin is a hero in science. I know he is with Him too.

Our Lord created Adam from the dust, and Eve from Adam’s rib. They had brothers and sisters cousins and ancestors. Adam and Eve are the first-born with souls. They were created from the dust over hundreds of millions of our years.

Thanks be to God.

This is a revelation for all people.

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