This is what is going to be

I saw after recording This is Truth and writing the Word of God an image of light making out the Taj Mahal.

I then saw aboriginal dancing, people still ethnic in what they are doing.

All people will go to Him.

All people are saved by Him.

This is what I was told to delete from my diary: a message of the Church of Rome.

I was told to write all people need Baptism to go to Heaven.

But then I know one thing more: I’m still knowing even through my life and you do too that we’re saved by His Cross and Resurrection.

He is the Saviour of the World.

The whole world.

I am Roman Catholic.

This is Revelation of Life.

I then saw Ed Balls’ wife coming out after the Labour Party election and she was happy and glad. The next leader of the Labour Party is this woman.

The next leader of the Government is Jacob Rees-Mogg. He is a good man, whatever your politics, know God will guide him to help the British People and it’s neighbours.

Then I saw Prince George as he is now. I saw Princess Catherine holding his hand. I saw a boy who I knew was Prince George at age 12. He had joined a school who teaches Religious Education.

This boy is our king one day. He will be the great-grandfather of a Roman Catholic monarch of England.

Know Jacob what else you must sign into a Bill of Parliament. An Act of Parliament to again allow courting of a royal with a Roman Catholic.

Then as I was praying today with one of the kind nurses watching what I had recorded, I saw a vision while praying for help of an empty room with my bed. A large halo surrounded where I sleep.

I was in the bed but I wasn’t there. I know from Our Lord to plant phones around Moorside for surveillance in a highly legal way.

Money is needed to buy everyone in Moorside a phone so they can phone Our Father.

Books are needed to replace books of violence, suicide and death. They need to add every Word of God to the bookshelf, and let people destroy them by tearing out pages and keeping what they want to keep for themselves.

If anyone scribbles on them, make sure it isn’t a typewriter. Everyone knows how to read through annotations.

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