The Lord God has revealed to me something spectacular hidden on Earth

In northern China in the mountains, along a border now or some time in history, there is a cave which is out of place.

Begin scanning from satellites the northern Chinese mountain ranges. Look with computer software for anomalies and find the Ark of the Covenant buried there.

It is there.

Our Lord has made it known to me.

Find it with Google’s help.

You will need infrared, and resonance scanners, equipment already deployed.

You will need software engineers to analyse massive imagery.

This is your call to find Our Lord here on Earth.

It is Our Lord who calls you to find this Miracle.

3000 years of shroud is hiding this beautiful ark from long ago. It is not completely intact. But it is discernible as the Ark of the Covenant.

Know what this will mean for all unbelievers today. Help them resolve their doubt in the Lord God.

Then pray for His Truth about what is written in His Gospel.

The location was revealed in His Spirit as I typed the fifth letter of April 2019.

Please know I wrote what I am told to write, it is a continuous stream of Word of God.

It is an exciting time for anyone who wants to find what is true, or if you want disprove me.

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