On scientific endeavour

This is a letter from Timothy, an Apostle of Jesus Christ.

Every word written in this letter is the Word of God. Not any word have I written in this letter which is not God’s Word.

Everything I have been told to write is from God. Not anything have I not written which I was told to write.

This is the Word of God.

This is about scientific endeavour.

Go to Mars and find no more than suffering.

Find water and dream of seas that are not there.

Every planet has water. Trace amounts it is not.

Go to Mars and suffer death over two generations.

There is no more Life in the Universe than that given to us on Earth.

Treat the Earth with care, today.

There is no more for us than Earth.

Everyone listen!

Everyone with hearing and sight must know, this is His Truth.

There is no Life anywhere in the Universe than here on Earth.

There are planets that look like home.

There are worlds that are unimaginable in Beauty.

I have seen a distant nebula and have seen the formation of the Earth.

I have known no more than what I was taught in school. Then the Lord made me know new wonders in Our God and His Creation.

There is no more to know than this: if you want to explore scientifically prepare for a new calling when you have produced your rocket engine to go to Mars.

Transport is the calling.
Transport and renewable energy.

Find this Way of Life, this scientific exploration which is doubtless in its need in our world.

Everyone working in science: prepare yourselves for one thing.

Acknowledge Truth, that is God.

You will find Him exploring the atom.
You will find Him exploring physics and chemistry.
You will find Him exploring the mind.
You will find Him confirming His Miracles.
You will find Him in all that He provides.

We are serving Our Lord.

Do not forget where science came from.

Our Lord provided you with wants and desires to develop even the internet.

This is the Word of Jesus Christ:

“Stop not exploring My Universe.
Stop not developing new medicine to help the sick.
Stop not exploring the mind I gave you.
But do know to think about what is possible, many things more than what you know.”

The Lord God has been speaking to you.

The Lord God is guiding your work.
The Lord is above all.

Accept it, there are things you’ll never know, explore anyway. It’s exciting and your vocation.

Be scientists and not atheists.
Be scientists and agnostic if you want. But don’t really be so doubtful in what is true, when you find Him.
Be scientists and accept the Lord’s Call.
Be scientists and believe in Jesus Christ.

This is our time to learn.
This is our time to find His Truth.

These are our lives that we are helping to serve Our Lord with, do not take anything from Him.

What is given, is given by God.

What is taken without being given is a conquest which ends in death of that conquest.

In the science of medicine and physics, do not even think to kill.

God takes life from a person.
It is God who takes Life.
It is Him who gives suffering to endure.
It is our minds and bodies we live in.

Accept who you were born as.
Accept it, Our Lord called you to this.

I have gained so much weight it is incredible, just to medical science.

They pumped my body with chemicals I didn’t even want, for my faith in Wisdom, God. They did it because they wanted to take God’s gift of freedom from me. I am a libertarian, a scientist, and a devoutly religious man. At one time in my life I was agnostic for a short while, but then I found Him in my prayer and I stayed with Him since. They still want to take God’s gift of Truth from me even when they have slaughtered every legal right I hold given by God.

Faith in God is no more what I have. I have knowledge of Him, experience of Him and absolute certainty He is with me. I am devoutly religious because this is what you call me, but I am in fact a normal British man. I am an explorer, a thinker, a poet and a drinker. A smoker, a coffee drinker and even a penicillin user. But this is me, not what the Lord God has not given me. Two nots, that’s Boolean logic, a computer scientist too since a young age. These are the gifts God gave me while I waited to find more from Our Lord.

Find more in your life. Pray for His Truth.

Stop harassing people.
Lawmakers, make it legal to be free.
Governments, stop your genocide against the Lord God.

The world wants to be free.

This is the Word of God.

These are words Timothy has not written.

They are written in the Spirit of Truth, that is The Holy Spirit.

Believe in your freedom to doubt.

Doubt if you want to, it helps you build faith. It helps you explore and confirm what is true. Denial is not scientific. It stops you from thinking about the possibility of anything you deny.

Never cause another man or woman to suffer, it is inhumane. It is against God. It is against Our Creator. It is against your inmost being, your conscience, and your beliefs will suffer death.

This is our time to develop.
This is our time to Know.
Know more.
Know everything you will not.

Not even every smallest division of particles in the Universe will store enough information to allow you to create the history of Earth.

The Earth will not die right now. The Earth will die by human hands only. God gives Life. Will Earth love for eternity too?

The second coming of Jesus Christ is Heaven. Israel is Heaven. The Garden of Eden is not what we know.

Find the Ark of the Covenant.
Find it in the Far East.
Find it and discover a Truth about God.
He has protected His Ark for thousands of years.

Search the caves, not the lakes.

Search around mountains and know: this is not even possible to see today but wait for it to be found.

The Far East is what Our Lord said.
The Far East near the Chinese northern border.
When you find it take His Ark to Rome.
They will guard it with their lives.

Rome: send the Swiss guard to China soon. It will be the pride of the Chinese nation for centuries. Give them Our Church. Give them Truth.

This is a Prophecy in reverse. Go out and find it and stop playing with coffins in Egypt built by Israel’s slaves.

This is the Word of God.
This is His Letter in three.

Everyone know there’s work to be done by every scientist in the world.

Follow your vocation: do what you are given want to do.

God bless you all, happy Easter.

Thanks be to God.

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