On evil and our own destiny

This is a letter written in His Spirit, a letter from Our Lord Jesus Christ.

I am His Apostle, Timothy.

Every word which is written is from Our Lord. Not one word have I written which is not from Our God.

Not one word have I left out from what I was told to write. Every word is from God.

This is the story of Satan.

What did we do to Our God?

They are sorry for what they have done. Are you? Am I? Are we doomed to eternity in hell?

Lord Jesus Christ, please write these words for me.

“This is My Teaching about evil, mankind and satan.
You are satan.
You are evil.
But you will go to me, all of you, one day.”

This is the Word of God. Hell does not exist.

Hell is where we are.
Hell is created when we lose our faith in God.
Hell is borne out of slavery, injustice and destruction.
Hell is conquest and evil.

We are suffering in hell.

This is His Word. Change and make Peace from the Lord God.

Who is Judas Iscariot? A disciple who knew to seal Our Lord’s death with a kiss.
Who is Adolf Hitler? An evil man like you and I who suffered in his early life, and destroyed the world.
Who is Herodian wife of Herod? A vile creature born from liquor and greed. She is disgusting. But she goes to Our Merciful Father.

Who am I? I am lower than the serpent under the foot of Mary Queen of Heaven and Earth.

I am you.
We are sinful.
Sin begets sin.

In Heaven we are taken to Him. We are cleansed of our sins. We are freed from what harm we are doing in exile. We are forgiven. But we lose our names to the world.

Hitler is vile.
Herodian is disgraceful.
Pontius Pilate is ignorant and dismissive.

Judas Iscariot killed Our Lord.

Where were we when the Lord was crucified?

It is us that was the Roman Soldier carrying the nails and whips and lance. We crucified Him that day in Jerusalem.

We crucified Him and asked Pontius Pilate to do it for us.

We drove those nails and lance into His wounds.

We even left Him to die without water. Mocking him and casting lots for His few clothes. We left before He was taken down from His Cross and we were the thief to the right who scorned Him.

We did this to Our Lord.

Did you say in your thoughts that you did not live 2000 years ago?

Do you know how sinful you are right now?

This is the Word of God.

Answer His Call and make Peace from Our Lord.
Answer His Call today.

Did you say you can do anything on Earth?

Remember the name Adolf Hitler. His name is vile, even though he cries every day from Our Lord’s side.

These satans did this to our world, they did this with free will.

They were going to do it, and Our Lord knew it. Our Lord knows every sin which anyone will commit throughout all time.

God provided three Saints in Krakow, Poland before the war to make the way for the evil of 1945.

One of them died before as an Apostle of Divine Mercy.

One of them died in Auschwitz serving God.

One of them was shot in his lifetime, and became a Saint after he was abused by the world for his dementia later in his Papacy and he died.

All three Saints were examples to live by. All three had Miracles from God after their deaths.

Everyone know 144,000 is the Congregation of Saints.

Everyone know the Martyrs and Saints stain Our Lord’s Wedding Feast Gown.

Everyone know they are fair judge’s from their thrones they are given from the injustices of the world. They judge with Our God telling them how. They share in the Glory of Heaven.

We threw those stones at St. Stephen.
We judged St. Mary Magdalene of prostitution.
We beheaded St. John the Baptist, the last Prophet.
We crucified Jesus Christ, Our God.

Aspire to be Peaceful.
Aspire to bear suffering.
Aspire to give all you have to the poor.

Saint Judas he is not. But he is above all of us on Earth.

Lord Jesus Christ, how can I send this to Your Church?

“You will do what I tell you to do.
This is a revelation from Me.”

Jesus, I love You.
You have taught me so much.
I have no more than love for You.

I want to give all I have to give, for anyone you tell me to.

Give me one more gift from Your Bounty, please Lord always speak to me.

“This is My Way of Truth.
This is what is to be known.
Evil begets evil.
I love all of you.
Forgive everyone and judge no one.”

This is His Word, the Word of God.
This is for Easter Sunday.

Rejoice in Our King.
Rejoice and be glad.
There is no more suffering in Heaven.

Thanks be to God.

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