Then I was told to write in His Spirit on the identity of satan

We are satan.

Mankind is satan.

I am satan. You are satan.

There is a letter to be published tonight on this.

I was brought again to His Love for Judas Iscariot and the pain He felt in receiving the Prophecy of His dear brother and child Judas in that final kiss before Judas’ death.

Judas was the least of all sinners. He was a disciple of Jesus Christ. We are lower than he.

I am below all of you.

I am the most grievous sinner in the world ever, if you like, for revealing what you all know is true from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Jesus Christ Superstar. The Lord is my Judge not you.

What is written in The Holy Bible is true.

Mankind’s, Satan’s satanic verses, are untrue and are lost in the annals of time.

The Word of God lives forever.

Know this: Judas gave everything away to the poor. How can such a Love of Jesus Christ have done something so gravely sinful?

It is this we must know of the evil in our world.

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