This is detainment of someone else’s property, the hospital do not own my possessions, they do not own my signature on a contract

I have been prevented from phoning anyone for 3 weeks on a cheap phone held by the nurses in the nursing station.

I have written a contract to one of the patients who doesn’t own a phone and has been denied access to the hospital phone to phone his mother today. I signed the phone and SIM card over to this patient much in need of His help.

The phone and SIM card is valued no more than £20.

I am allowed with my income and expenditure to donate £20 a week to charity.

How dare they detain this man’s new phone.

It is criminal.

They are not honouring even my ability to donate to charity small sums from vast amounts incoming from the British Government.

I even said to them they are in receipt of a crime report, and they told me they have to listen only to the psychiatrist. I told them the law supersedes anything their paymaster says. They are committing this crime themselves, it is not even written by the doctor to detain my phone, only my iPhone and iPad.

And then N000 decided to order N030 to perform a risk assessment. I told him I was calm and the order was retaliatory. I then went to the good lady N004 and told her she ordered it, she confirmed in the expression on her face it was N000 who had been spiteful and tried to dose me with Lorazepam just because she refused to obey an action I had written in contract. She denied me my rights to my property, she has not acted in my interests.

Then I asked D927 for a simple pulse reading. He said it was around 96 to 98. This is on the lower end of my standing heart rate of 90-120bpm. It is high, because I am overweight due to the NHS forced treatments over 7 years.

Proof for N000 that I was calm when I spoke to her, she was not she was agitated and forceful in what she wanted against my will.

But then I learn N030 in front of all the nursing staff decided to perform a risk assessment himself, without any input from any of the nursing staff. Someone is lying here… it will be in the medical notes and will be revealed to me then.

I asked N028 to file a request to put me on 24 hour surveillance so I could use my iPad to write whenever I wanted. If they don’t please do it so at least I can do what I want and don’t have to deal with the slanderous allegations the psychiatrists have written down about me.

They wouldn’t even allow me to phone my bank this evening to defer payment on a loan until I get out and get some money from the NHS. I did warn them when aid arrived that I was here to receive compensation for their crimes over 7 years. But they’re still not understanding this basic thing, I have phones everywhere in the hospital, everywhere in the ward. Everywhere. Smart phones deployed with WordPress, and at the touch of a button I can reset any single one of them.

They don’t understand who I am with. God is with me.

I am also a computer scientist, and they really don’t understand I was taught by God to be a computer scientist.

Funny that, they even thought, my family that is, slandered me and told them, that I might hack into the NHS in 2017. They even took away my laptop at the time. Something they missed there: I’m a good person too and stand up for what is right and true.

My diary proves this.

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