The truth about mental health

These are the words I am asked to write by Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Every word I am writing is given to me by Our God.

Listen all who have ears. See all who are not blind to His Truth.

This is the Truth about incarceration in mental health detention centres.

They are not hospitals.

No one is treated in any other way than as a detainee. Sheep herded into different areas of the ward.

They are treated with contempt, children fawned in their game of chess.

There is no outcome for any patient other than incarceration and enforced treatment for life.

Every patient knows this, they are told to obey the doctors and listen to what they need to do to get released.

No release is given, they end up back in the detention centre within months or years, if not days and weeks.

Nothing can be done to stop them. The law is wrong.

Change the law and treat criminals as criminals.

Criminals have a legal justice system which is working for them, this justice is not available to anyone trapped within the mental health system.

These are the words of The Lord God Yahweh:

“Empty your prisons today.
Free My People from the slavery you have given to them.
This is now you must do this.
Death becomes all conquests.”

Listen to His Message of Truth for our day.
Listen all you who have ears.
See the Truth given to you this day.

This is the Word of God.

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