N030 shuts the door in my face because they’re handing over and won’t let me use my iPad for music

I’ve been requesting my iPad since 4pm yesterday. I only had it for 40 mins yesterday to help them understand I need to write letters and diary entries for Our Church. Diary entries as an Apostle, diary entries containing the Word of God.

They refuse to let me use it. D002 knee when she promised me 90 mins a day in 30 minute segments it was not possible because she didn’t even request the staff to do so.

Then N028 was asked to handover to every nurse and doctor that there are no medical grounds for removing this iPad from me. In fact it is a punishment.

Why is the NHS punishing its patients? Why are they implementing methods of torture?

Is this a care organisation or a detention centre?

Know it’s the latter.

I even went to H002 and asked her what I could do anymore to live my life as I want to.

She replied that I needed to be much less devout in my faith.

No more than know this: you have already made me a Saint.

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