This is a prayer while supervised listening to music from Our Lord

These are the words I was told to speak to Our Lord today in prayer:

Your Sweet Heart, our Light and our Life.
Be near us right now, for the rest of our lives.
Your Sweet Heart is beautiful Lord, never show us another Way of Life.

Your Sweet Heart, Lord, is for me and my wife.
Your Sweet Heart, Jesus Christ, is for mine and my children’s lives.

Give to us Lord, Your Love and care.
Give to us Lord, Your Sweet Heart.

Take care of my family Lord,
let them know it’s for this Way.

Thank You, Lord, I love You.
Please share this prayer with my wife as well.

Jesus then spoke to me these words:

“My Life and Light is with you, my dear suffering child Timothy.
Take heart in My Message of Truth,
Life awaits you soon with My daughter, your wife.”

Jesus, I need You.
Jesus, please bring me to You.
Jesus, please free me from this prison.

Then I turned to the nurse sat with me monitoring everything I do.

I saw Our Lord stood behind him and saw Our Lord’s left hand touch his heart.
I saw Him place His right hand on this nurse’s head and He asked me to say to the man that the Lord God Blesses him.

Thank You, Lord, for giving me this time of peace.
Please help these people give me what I need to heal from last week.

Then I began to pray. Our Lord told me there were no words for this prayer.

He showed me a cavern filled with magma, so hot is was white. Then I saw mountains form with lava running down. Then I began to see water fill the Earth. Our Lord was showing me the creation of the Earth.

And then the nurse told me time was up. He couldn’t even find a pen to let me write what I saw. Then the lights came on, and I was told to leave my prayer behind me.

Two hours later I was allowed to use my iPad again, and I continued listening to the music Our Lord gave me. I rested lying down and was peaceful in my heart once more.

I was shown sand on the beach. Out of which sprung up pineapple trees and vegetation of every kind.

I then saw small fish jumping out of the water.

I then saw birds flying, resting on the water to eat the fish.

And then Adam came out of the jungle and he wore a garment of clothing and a spear. He caught a fish with the spear and God helped him prepare it.

He was alone in this Garden, and Our Lord laid him to rest on the beach.

I turned and prayed to Our Lord.

I asked Him why He made Eve from Adam’s rib and not of the dust.

He asked me to ask Him this.

He told me man and woman are equal. They are one. Man and woman we were created, man and woman we are to be.

Then I asked Him to free me from this, to never let me go here again.

He told me this is what they do to people He talks to. It is them doing it, the only way to stop this is for them to rewrite their textbooks.

I broke down in tears with the Truth He gave me. If they don’t change I will suffer this for the rest of my life, and everyone else in the Roman Catholic Church too.

I just pray they will give me time to find my wife, so I know there’s a family waiting for me when I’m out for those short periods of time.

Please help me, Lord.

But then the time was 10 minutes early, the supervising nurse was called away and then I was left there in agony.

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