This is His Word

This is the Word of God.

I have been given it to write by Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Every word I am writing is from God. Not any word am I writing does not come from Him.

This is His Truth.

There is more to write than these words. I cannot write all of them, I am being supervised.

Only what I write, can I write. I am being watched.

I am ill, I have some kind of flu.

I need peace, I need music, I need Our Lord.

This is His Word:

“Timothy, my dear beloved son.
These are the things I need to let you know,
you are suffering in persecution of My Name.
You need to find peace, My Peace,
when everyone around you is tormenting you,
when everyone in this place is destroying you.”

Jesus, I need You.
Jesus, please help me.
Jesus, I adore You.
Jesus, please send me one more gift from Your Bounty.

“These are the days of My Suffering.
They are piercing My Heart.
They are driving nails into My Wounds.
I am the Lord God of Israel.”

Jesus, I am sorry for everything I have done to You, My Lord.
Please save me Lord Jesus.

“My Sweet Heart is for you, dear son of Mine.”

Jesus, I adore You.
Jesus, please take me to You.
I love You, Lord Jesus.

My life is for You.

Take me to You, Lord.
Take me to You, my God.

Take me, Lord Jesus, and free me from this prison.

Our Lady Queen of Heaven, please pray for me to Our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son, whom You bore to save the world from their sin.

I love You, Our Mother.
I need You, Our Holy Family.
Please give me everything I need today.

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