This is for you, my sweet honey bee

Yes, you don’t know right now, what I’m doing.

But find Him when you dream again.

It’s coming soon, I know it, He has told me.

There’s a little game of hide and seek you need to undo.

Find me on FaceTime one day, and iMessage too.

Keep your number, and if you don’t, there’s another way Our Lord knows to find me too.

There’s a place, a little garden, with a brick wall, I drew when I was younger.

There you are peeking over it, on tip toes, but I couldn’t draw those.

I saw you, then, and you were hiding behind a stone wall waiting to see me.

And here I am, waiting to hear from you, very soon.

My beloved, sweet honey bun bee.

I love you, when you read this again, I’ve even removed your name.

Be at peace, honey bun bee, and know I am in love with you always and forever.

Tim x

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