This is a letter to Rev. Barrie

My dear brother in Jesus Christ, Rev. Barrie,

I am asked to write in His Spirit a letter for you to read one day.

Thank you for your time today.

Thank you for serving these Christian people in need of Our Lord.

Your brother in faith, Timothy, prayed before you.

He prayed for you to say one thing, the Truth from Our Lord Jesus Christ.

You said words from Him.
You will find them already printed in my diary that I gave you today.

You prayed for me to be a witness to the Love of Jesus Christ.

I was asked to pray for you and your ministry.

I was told by Our Lord to pray this prayer for the Anglican communion:

Please give this man of Yours, Your Truth.
Please give this servant of Yours, everything he needs.
Please ask him to teach his brethren.
Please ask him to teach his clergy.
Please ask him to take the synod to Rome.

Then I was asked to bow down and kiss your left foot and made the Sign of the Cross.

I am lower than anyone. Give Our Lord His Church today.

I will pray for you as you help others on this ward and in this hospital with His Truth.

Pray the prayer on the back of that book. It is from Our Lord for all people, all creeds, and everyone will find Him one day.

Read about my wife on page 144.
Read about the Congregation of Saints, in the Revelation of St. John.

His Word is true.
His Word is with me.
The Revelation to St. John is true too.

Find His Truth and pray with your clergy.

God be with you, Rev. Barrie.

Yours in Christ,


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