This is what I was told to write this evening

Our Lord is with me.

I have the gifts of His Spirit.

He has told me to write what He has asked me to write.

This is His Word.

I am an Apostle of Jesus Christ. My name is Timothy.

I have been happy when I write, I have been given a want to write.

Wants for me, come from God.

I am given desire to write. Stopping me writing makes me unhappy.

If I am not able to write, I am not being given what I want.

Restricting my ability to write His Word, makes me deeply unhappy.

Please give me my iPad back. I need to write.

There is more.

I have music on my Apple account I cannot access with my new phone in the Nursing Station. I even pay a subscription for it, just like my iPad.

But here it is, I’m not even allowed to listen to it.

Please let me use my iPad.

I’ve never taken any photos of anyone with my iPad. I don’t think I’ve taken photos of my cats with my iPad.

iPad’s are very big.

If it was seen that I was taking photos with it, it would be clearly visible to everyone in the ward.

There’s a little problem here, I need my iPad. I need a keyboard, even the nurse here knows I am writing faster than I can write with my pen.

I need my iPad.

My iPad is mine.

Please give it back to me.

Please hospital, please hospital, please hospital, give me an iPad again.

This is my iPad.

This is my tablet.

This is my life.

I don’t want it taken away from me again.

Please give me my iPad.

I need to finish a book, to sell on

It even has a title, I cannot write when supervised.

It’s about God.

You treat it as a mental illness, but it’s my beliefs.

You see this is how I write, nurse sat beside me, I just write and write and write.

I rarely need to proof-read, everything I write makes sense.

It’s given by God.

Even I say the words as I’m writing them.

There’s a little melody, I cannot sing it, I don’t think it’s even possible to write it in score.

It just doesn’t repeat, but it keeps going with a little rhyme when I write in this way.

And this iPad is currently wiped, it doesn’t contain, anything I can use.

I need my iPad back.

I need it not taken away again.

I even phoned the police from someone else’s phone.

I have so many friends here in the ward and in the hospital.

Even the nursing staff listen to some things I say.

And that’s why, if you don’t give me my iPad back, there’s more for you to yes report to the police.

And do know, everything you did last week, is with my solicitor, with the Church, and yes, with the next Prime Minister too.

Thank you, NHS, I don’t think I’ve said a single word about Moorside yet. But there it is. Let’s just call it NHS Prestwich why don’t we.

Because it’s pretty much the NHS. The Mental Health Act and of course other crimes too.

But will I send this out to my diary, of course not, it’s none of your business what you atheists want to say about God’s Word, that’s what goes into print. None of your names are even going to make to print with Our Lord and Our Mother Mary on the front cover. In fact, I’ll just let your names out to the tabloids instead.

Off they go, in fact, they’re already there waiting for someone to pick up the story.

Time to give me my iPad back and stop committing crimes against me.

Thank you.

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