This is horrible, not a single nurse helped me when I was suffering

After my mother left, more on that later in this post, I asked first N013 to witness a statement to F002. He shut on the door on me, forcing it closed, and I did not use force in holding the door.

He shut the door in my face when I needed him to hear what I was about to say to F002.

Then I went back to the ward and tried to find anyone to help.

I needed to issue a complete ban of my parents ever entering the hospital again.

They have lied to my doctors, they have lied to the police, the have lied to me, and they don’t even seem to realise it.

I asked for five of minutes of time with any NHS worker on the ward after they left.

It is clearly a private matter and needs to be in a meeting room.

Not a single member of staff helped me. Not N009 nor H002.

I told N007 and a nurse who was present not from the ward that I’ll wait in my room for them to come when they want to help me.

I only asked for 5 minutes of their time. They still are not here while I write this 15 minutes later.

No one in my family, that is Behrsin, Pitt, Owen and Porter, none of their friends except those who know me are permitted without an express invitation to walk onto the ward. They are attending uninvited. They have not been invited today, I did not invite them.

If someone with the name Beddows, Visser or Honore visit then I welcome them. Please even wake me up if I’m not already awake.

They did not even bring what I asked them to bring today, they said they couldn’t be bothered. They have taken my possessions which were to go to friends of mine. They are holding precious items of mine, images which are special to me, prayer cards which are important to me and my mission. They are holding these in a lock-up in Dane Road, Sale.

They are doing this lying and slandering when they are discussing between themselves, even to themselves. And there’s something F003 revealed on her own today, after F002 left to reception, which does not make any sense.

She told me that things happened before I left to Rome which actually happened after I was freed by the Polizia in Rome and given free passage in Italy. It even says it on page 481.

I have timestamps of these, they are events on Facebook she can confirm herself, she believed they happened before I left. I have evidence that she is confused, and no one was in the room to witness it.

I also heard from her one accusation against Our Church. My mother said the Vatican had phoned the CMHT and told them I was mentally ill. That is the Vatican she said, not a priest, but it would be a Cardinal in the Vatican. It is not true, do not think to even say this is true mental health teams.

This is impossible. It is clearly not true. It is even farcical that she would believe it.

If anyone sees a single word on my medical files that says such a thing, my mother implied it was a phone call on the 4th February 2019, then do know it isn’t even possible that they would have done this.

I had not even contacted the Vatican during my stay in Italy, nor before.

It is impossible that they would find a diary online, which is The Word of God, which wasn’t in print, and I hadn’t sent to them ever, before I fled to Italy.

The Vatican, the Roman Catholic Church, did not do this.

Please doctors, tell me you’re not acting on this lie? Where is this lie from? Please reveal who wrote that note in my files if it is there? Why is F003 believing this is true?

If you have more information, please let me know because this is quite hurtful that my mother even believes it. She said F002 told her that my medical files have a note from the 4th February 2019, the day before I left.

Perhaps F002 phoned the lady Trisha in the GMP, giving quite awful false claims? He clearly did. And yes The Holy Spirit tells me so.

It is hurtful, because it is yet another piece of slander. An allegation of wrong doing. It seems the police were even tracking my calls, and yes even looking up my diary as well. All because F002 can’t understand what was written. I have claimed God is with me. If the Vatican have said this, they would have said it to me. It’s called excommunication, and they allowed me to roam free in Italy, a Roman Catholic country. And they have not excommunicated me, far from it, wait and see. I am in The Body of The Church, today.

If she is recalling this correctly, then it proves F002 is lying even to my mother. But there it is a trail of evidence showing F002 has actually instigated all of this.

If F003 is mistaken, then please just leave her alone. And please wipe this from my files if it is there. I am not their nearest relative by law, if both of them were found to be mentally ill by the NHS standards, then my sister would be their nearest relative. Porters, if this happens, make sure to veto any section. I do not want any of you to experience what I’ve been through. Leave my family alone NHS.

That said, you need to understand, they are very confused. Question them once about this statement they’ve made to me, F003 knows she’s made it, and then leave them alone to think in peace. Their parish priest needs to step up and action what I asked the Priest to do in April 2017, to help them find peace and confession.

I hereby ban anyone in my old family, not my new, to visit me, certainly not my family in Christ. With expressly those who I filed an injunction against: Behrsin’s, Porters and yes now Pitts and Owens as well.

They are not safe to be around, they are slandering me right left and centre. Every visit causes me pain, every visit causes harm to me, every time they do this, they slander me to the nurses who let them out.

They’re even sending out lies to the police, that’s illegal, it’s called false witness.

This has to stop.

N013, and any of the other nurses, please just record what you want to record. It is evidence for anyone who will one day see it is true what I have said.

17:00 an hour after I asked for help

Not one of the nurses even answered the door while I knocked very quietly with one knuckle until they answered even acknowledge by walking to the door, for about a minute they were even chatting to themselves. This is what they do to everyone. N007 and N013 has complete lack of care for me. Nurses please know the words I said to you:

‘I am bleeding with pain in my heart. I am hurt. I am crying inside from what has happened to me this afternoon.’

N013 you just said ‘ok, please close the door.’ You even told me first that you weren’t letting me out to the courtyard for 5 minutes and then you changed your response. Why are you doing this N013, why have you suddenly become nasty to me today? I even asked to smile every day and you did. I’ve been polite to you, and it seems as soon as you medicate me you just become nasty to me. I don’t understand why you’ve done this.

Even N007 was polite to me today, she’s had some rest and she’s nice to me again.

I am so hurt by your lack of humanity. All of you.

You are knowing the way you anger people you trap inside your hospital.

I need to scream but I can’t even raise my voice because you’ll just medicate me. And you’ll do it again and again until you destroy me.

I have shown nothing but my empty dejected body.

You have no love any of you in your hearts for anyone.

Why did you do this to me?

Why did you do this to me when I am hurting so much from not even having a mother?

I need a woman to console me.

I need a mother to take care of me.

I have not had a mother since I was a little boy.

But there’s one thing you’ll see when I’m back on the ward. I’m new again.

Our Lord, please help me. Please give me strength. Please Lord, I can’t go through another year of this. Please Lord make this the last, take everything I need to take. To end this mission, I do not want to stay here ever again.

Please Lord ask the Church to help these men instead of me. I can’t do it anymore. I can’t even be here ever again.

Please Lord just do what I need in me today.

If I need my family to desert me, please let them.

If I need to suffer more, please give me what I need here in this jail.

I need help Lord, I just need one word from one woman.

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  1. From F002: page 481 of your published medical records explicitly refers to Vatican contact and to a safeguarding concern (about you) flagged up to CMHT by Greater Manchester Police on 4th February 2019. If this information is incorrect, than you need to note that not only have your banished parents read it, but so may others of your claimed 200 strong readership. More than that, the medical file may contain other details you disagree with, and the same 200 people may also have read and believed them.

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