This is the vision I received of Revelations 14:17

I saw Our Lord’s Crucifix with Our Saviour suffering on the cross.

I saw a dejected lion in front of the crucifix with a beautiful mane. He turned its head towards me, he had painted from his mane to his nostrils two thick white painted stripes. They were like lacquer, like a big pause button. It was thick like emulsion.

Then I saw a beautiful lioness with the same markings. She was also looking tired and dejected and was timid and low in stature, in suffering waiting for her lion to be healed and return.

I saw they were together, they were marked with the same stripes from birth. They were searching for shelter, for peace upon this earth.

I was told this was me and Annie, searching the wilderness for peace with Our Lord.

I then saw F003’s tired face, suffering with anger and the stress her husband has borne on our family.

I saw destruction in F003’s jaw. Her cruel words were killing her, and the destroyed earth was where we dwelt.

I saw the right side of her face dishevelled and decomposing and rotting into a skull.

She was in agony in her suffering in hell.

Please Lord, make her have suffering instead on earth. Their suffering has been enough. Please free them from their suffering. Take her and F002 one day to Heaven, please Lord forgive them for what they’ve done.

F003, listen to this story.

Free yourself from the pain you have borne together in your marriage against me your son.

Teach F002 forgiveness and ask him for true words about how he feels.

He needs peace, it can only be found in confession to Our Lord. After he feels Our Lord in his heart he is forgiven.

F002 and F003, end your suffering today, find Him and ask Him to heal you.

F002 your face is telling a story of compassion but your lie is still not uncovered. It is for you to admit wrongdoing, to come clean and end this era of abuse. 10 years you’ve suffered at the hands of the Priory in Hale. They taught you false teachings and made you blame your son for everything wrong in your life. You hurt me. You destroyed me. You were told lies by the NHS.

You need to make peace with me. You need peace to retire. You need to find peace with Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Both your mother’s are crying in your suffering.

Please Lord, heal my family, allow them to live another 10 years in happiness.

Please Lord, heal F003 and F002, allow them to be known as nice people to their grandchildren.

I love You, Lord, my prayer is with You.

Please forgive our sins.

Jesus, have mercy on them.
Jesus, have mercy on them.
Jesus, grant them everlasting peace in our day and the world to come.



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