The dream I had this morning

I was put to sleep about 5:30am and I was given a dream of something quite vile:

I saw my friend F001 who visited yesterday evening. The nurses might remember him he had a beard. In the dream F001 had no beard, he was made to look like a policeman.

I was told he was a policeman collecting evidence while on the ward.

Then I saw my good friend N004 and her face grew angry. I was hurt by the expression on her face. She questioned me with the following words: ‘if you are truthful and God is talking to you, tell me who it is who is the keeper of my phone.’ Then she grew hesitant and answered her own question. She had spite in her expression, I have never seen such an expression from N004, my mother and my friend. She told me in the dream ‘F002 is the keeper of my phone’ and I immediately had knowledge that this referred to her husband.

I had knowledge in the dream that N004 is going to treat what is written as harmful to her, and she might be protected by her husband in keeping her phone away from her.

I was told by D007 while on the ward that this dream was a prophetic vision.

I was told by a patient that many people will be questioning me.

I was told by another patient while getting a coffee that I was an important person. I replied to him that I am not, I am no one, just a little servant of Our God.

He replied words I did not hear as I left hurriedly from the room.

I was told by D007 while on the ward that helicopters would be circling the roofs of Moorside, that they would not be police helicopters but media helicopters wanting to witness something in Moorside Unit.

I went to see my friends N001, N012 and another nurse I do not remember who it was, and I told them of this dream and what I write. As I spoke about the dream and about N004, N012 moved into the nursing station seemingly afraid of what was spoken.

N012 then let me out into the courtyard, there was no anger in me.

I then went to fetch my phone which I’ve had to squirrel away in my room in case it is stolen by anyone of the nurses to prevent me writing.

I passed it to the nursing station to charge, and I suppose this is what is prophesied, isn’t it? After all, F002’s lies have delivered me and my phone into this ward, and it is the case N012 is also knowing what is written is about her, isn’t it?

But it wasn’t, as you see in a later post, D002 threatened to steal my phone and iPad.

And yes, let’s just say, slander me at will.

Oh and I’ve had a new piece of knowledge while proof-reading this entry, in fact I am told N012 did slander me many times before in 2017. Go check it out, it’s all in the evidence in nhs-is-criminal.

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