Patient P001 is in need

The patient P001 was making noise at 3am.

He was asking anyone to get him up, he had fallen again.

This is happening every night, he needs urgent care.

Why is no one here listening?

Why is he still on a mental health ward incarcerated for no more than being aged.

This man needs milk every day. 4 bottles of semi-skimmed milk each day. His bottle needs sterilisation each night and each day.

Where is this man’s care?
Where is this man’s dignity?
Where is this man going, other than to Our Lord one day.

This man needs help.

I went after writing words to my wife which I was given to say.

I heard him peaceful, and I was given want for water.

I found him lying on the floor, with the door closed for peace in the ward.

I found him screaming for help.

This is a crime.

The nurses say they can’t lift him, it is against their policies. Again I accept all blame for doing no more than what P001 asked me to do.

He asked for help in getting up.

I went to the nurses office and made the obvious claim ‘I think you have closed the door and ignored him.’

I was told this was not true, and I had falsely accused them, but it was that they left him there in a closed room and they knew so. I am sorry to the nurses on duty for making this claim about the closing of that door.

I am sorry, and I have spoken my apology to you.

But I am horrified that it is NHS Trust Policy to leave a sick man lying naked on the kitchen floor with no strength in his arms and it is happening every night.

He then fell down near my room, in the corridor where I have asked for Madonna and the Lilies with Our Lord as an infant to be placed on the black wall outside room 3 and 4.

I was helped by my friend P004, we helped P001 rise from the floor.

I was told to ask the nurse N017 to place his foot before P001’s leg. The nurse placed his foot and helped P001 a little bit. Then the nurse moved the chair and carried it down the corridor. I asked several times and even demanded it back because I needed to put P001 down on the chair. This was unkind, it was vile. We are helping P001. I told the man P001 is heavy, he is a grown man and well built. P001 needed that chair. I needed to let go of P001. That nurse made three of us suffer, doing their job.

That nurse is vile.
That nurse is truly vile.
That nurse should be fired today for what he did in taking the chair quite gleefully away from P001 while we were helping him.

I told this nurse as he opened the door for a patient to have a shower, if P001 gets up again, please for your peace and everyone’s peace and yes for P001’s peace especially, open up the locked living room and let him sit down in front of a TV, let him rest. Serve him everything he is given want for. He said he wasn’t allowed to because it is not ward policy to open the living room until 6am. That is disgusting. Moorside Unit, you need to be shut down.

This is negligence. If it is hospital policy as it seems to be, woe to you, you are going to be destroyed.

You are sinful.
You are criminal.
You are negligent.
You are bereft of any faith in Our Lord.
You have no values, no humanity and no love in your heart.
You are callous and uncaring.
You have nothing but death in your souls.
Give everything you have away to P001 and everyone else suffering on these wards.
Give everything you have to their families and their friends.
When you have nothing left, go to a silent place to be, and then do what you want to yourselves, there’s nothing left for you.

If instead you want to change, change this: open those doors.
Give everything back you have taken, and destroy those criminal slanderous medical files of yours.

N005 was asked for milk for P001. There is one bottle left. He made the case that there was one bottle left and I asked Our Lord if this was true, He replied it was. I left it be.

P001 needs milk to drink, he does not accept water.

If P001 does not want water, he is not given want for water. If he wants milk, then he must have milk.

An invalid needs what they want. They are unable to shop for themselves. They must be given what they have want for.

Are you inside his body?
Are you inside his mind?
How dare you even slander him!
You are not knowing yourselves the demons inside your own mind.

Give to Our Lord all freedom!
Give to Our Lord His People!
Free these people from your tyranny!
Free them all today!

After lifting P001 from the floor with no help but a chair and an empty room from the nurse, I helped P001 to his room.

I gave him one of the 10 bottles of fruit juice I had been given, as he exclaimed wanting more fluid and the kitchen was now locked.

This man needs care in a hospital, not an asylum.

Woe to you destroyers, you will be destroyed!

Jesus, King of Our Desires, grant P001 rest tonight.

Jesus, it was the hour of Your Mercy You woke me.

Give us Your Mercy Lord.

Shelter us from this suffering.

You expired, Jesus, but the Fount of Life gushed forth for souls,
and the Ocean of Mercy opened up for the whole world.
Fountain of Life, Unfathomable Divine Mercy,
grant us Your Salvation forever more.

O Blood and Water which poured forth from the Heart of Jesus, I trust in You.
O Blood and Water which poured forth from the Heart of Our Lord, we seek Your Saving help.
O Blood and Water which poured forth from the Heart of Our Lord Jesus Christ, we ask You Dear Jesus to Save us.

Jesus, I trust in You.
Jesus, We trust in You.
Jesus, Our King, Our Redeemer, in You we trust.

Jesus, King of Mercy, we trust in You.
Jesus, King of Our Desires, we live our lives for You.
Jesus, King of Eternity, give us Your Life.
Give us our Love.
Give us everything.

I love You, Lord Jesus.
I adore You, Our King.
Give me one more gift from your beautiful Bounty.

I need You, Jesus, please ask those in power to free us from their tyranny,
give them all that they need.

Jacob Rees-Mogg
Cherie Blair
Timothy Farron
I give this gift to you.

Our Lord is with you.
Our Lord is calling you.
Answer His Call this day.

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