My baby princess bride Annie

You are my starlight,
you are my sea,
you are the earth under my feet,
I search in the wilderness for just your smile.
I need you to be my sweet Annie bun bee.

Give me a smile,
just a hug and a smile.
Give me one kiss with your eyes of sweet bliss.
Give me your skin to feel against mine.
Give me your time, to talk about your life.
Give me the melody of your Heaven sent voice.
Send me your journey to Our Lord Jesus Christ.

I love you Annie, my sweet princess bride.

Give one more gift to me, Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Let this child of Yours answer one prayer.

Give her want to be whoever she wants.
Ask her to rest when she wants to and more,
give her a hug from me when she is sad.
Give her my ring on her right hand or left.

If she wants nothing, let her choose whatever is left.
If she needs me, my Annie bee, please send her my kiss.

Kiss and hug to you my Annie honey bun bee.

I love you, Annie.

Get some rest.

Take a break, a coffee and eat whatever you want.
Take a time to think.
Take a little more.

Whatever you want is yours.

Tim x

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