Letter distributed to the Roman Catholic Members of Parliament

This is sent to all parliamentary parties.
It is sent to Mr and Mrs Blair.
It is sent to Timothy Farron.
It is sent and addressed to the Rt. Hon. Jacob Rees-Mogg.

Dear Rt. Hon. Jacob Rees-Mogg,

I very much respect you. I hope one day I might bow before you and shake your hand.

I very much need your help.

The NHS are committing crimes against people who are hearing The Word of God in their thoughts. The Holy Spirit is speaking His Truth to me.

I have suffered.
I have truly suffered.
I am still suffering on British soil.

They are calling our Roman Catholic Faith, the faith of Our Saints, the faith of The Apostles, Our Holy Roman Catholic Church, delusional.

I am being slandered by the NHS.

They are not following the British Legal System.

Please help me, Mr Rees-Mogg, my dear brother in Jesus Christ.

Please help me and speak about this in Parliament.

Please let everyone know it is today the Government needs to set us free, your brothers incarcerated for their beliefs, beliefs which are protected in Human Rights Legislation.

Please do this Jacob.

This is the Word of Our Lord.


You can find a link to the printed edition of this diary at the top of the following website, it does not contain the NHS / British Government case:


Please set me free to love and serve Our Lord in New York State where I am waiting to receive my new mission.

God bless you. May the Peace of Our Lord Jesus Christ help you discern your vocation.

Pray for His Truth.


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