I had meetings today with D005, H002 and N002

Following the ward round this morning with D002 and some nurses I asked for help to H002 and N002 to witness three facts from my dossier.

I told them of P001.

I told them of my calling from Our Lord Jesus Christ, I am an Apostle of Jesus Christ, I hear the Word of God and every word I say here is from Him.

I then told them of the crime D002 and the nurses present in the ward round have committed.

I warned H002 to tell all the nurses not to commit any crimes in my presence.

I warned H002 about N007 who needs to be moved urgently for her safety to another ward. She is young, and I do not want to prosecute her.

I later this evening found my prescription card, I tried to change the prescription to what is true from my doctors. They have prescribed me 20mg of Aripiprazole, the criminal doctor D002 prescribed me 5mg of Aripiprazole. Anyone who is in the mental health profession as a psychiatrist will understand the significance of dropping someones’ prescription overnight by 15mg.

I want D002 to raise my prescription to 25mg, what I believe to be the maximum legal dose of this drug, so she can witness that any anti-psychotic drug will never remove my calling as an Apostle of Jesus Christ.

What I say here is clearly true, you will not medicate against the Lord God.

You’ve tried it before, you’ve failed, you have not listened to a single word.

D002 you are a criminal and H005 in the Trust is currently investigating you for the crime you have committed in denying me my own beliefs and slandering me by saying my beliefs are not Roman Catholic but instead you called me grandiose and religiously deluded.

Scorn on you criminal, D002, for incarcerating a Roman Catholic simply for his belief in Our Lord God.

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