I had a meeting today with D007

I was told to go into the meeting room at 14:00 this afternoon with D007 and ask for help from D092. H005 was said to join later in the conversation.

D092 joined and told me the hospital needs to investigate some truths in what I have written.

D007 informed me that I would need a witness in the Roman Catholic Church from the current year in addition to Father Giles Pinnock RC’s witness statement as provided to D002 who they are arresting soon if she fails to listen to this statement from the Clergy of my Faith.

I asked D007 and D092 if there was anything else I could do to assist D002 from preventing to commit any further crimes. D092 told me there was not.

I asked D007 if Fr Michael RC of Cheetham Hill, Salford Diocese, would be able to provide this witness statement in writing to the hospital.

D092 said this will be enough for now.

Thank you, Doctors.

H005 from the Trust joined half way through the meeting, it lasted a few hours.

I was told by H005:

“Please keep everything you have safe.
We are helping you in this time.”

Thank you Trust and the government, for doing what is needed to set these people free.

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