Dear Julia, my dear friend in Christ

My dearest friend Julia,

I am saddened to see you still held by the NHS.

You have suffered grievously in your life. You deserve rest and peace.

Please know I will meet you every day to pray for His Divine Mercy at 3pm while you are here in this place.

Thank you, my dearest friend Julia, for the generous gifts for my Annie honey bee.

Your gifts Julia are given out of love. We learn to cherish every gift given in His Love. Your Love shines forth from the Heart of Jesus.

Annie will want to keep these safe while you pray for our ministry in America and for our children from Heaven where you will be happy and resting with Our Lord Jesus Christ, Our Mother Mary and the whole faithful departed. We will give these to no one but pass them to the daughter Annie wants to have them. She will keep these beautiful gifts of your love for Annie, this generous gift from you, a woman who has suffered grievously in this place, she will keep them safe in a locked drawer for one of the daughters of ours.

Julia, your generosity knows no bounds. God bless you.

One day Annie will take them, and she will cherish them, and they will be kept safe.

You are always in our hearts, Julia RC.

Thank you, Julia, for being my friend.
Thank you, Julia, for being with me in this time.
Thank you, Julia, for believing in His Message of Truth.

I love you, Julia, I adore Our Lord’s Heart in you.

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, who suffers on Your Crucifix for all our sins.

Please take Julia to You.
Please take her to Your Great Light.
Please protect her in the suffering she is in.
Please take her to freedom very soon.

I love you, Julia, you are my mother in incarceration.

Please find this letter to you, one day.

Julia, Roman Catholic by birth, you are welcome anytime to see Our Lord’s gifts for us.

I love you, Julia, peace be with you now and forever.

Alleluia! Alleluia! May the Risen Christ take you to Him! Alleluia! Amen.

Jesus loves you Julia.
Jesus is with you, Julia.
Jesus wants you Julia.

Be with Him soon in Heaven.

God bless you Julia, RC.


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