D002 and the nurses in the ward round threatened me and broke the law

Doctor present: D002
Unknown person present: D004, please come forward the gentleman who seemed to be listening but didn’t speak to me. I haven’t met you before, but I will find your name.
Nurses present: N014, N015

I showed them the evidence that I was calm when I arrived.
I told them I had taken photographic evidence of pulse readings before and after the meeting.
I asked for a show of hands, I left them around 7 seconds, and no one in the room claimed I was not calm.

D002 made the claim that because of the visions I receive from Our God, I was delusional and grandiose.

D002 has broken the law, I am entitled to my beliefs. She does not know my experiences.

I explained to D002 that in this dossier is a written statement by a Roman Catholic Priest, Fr Giles Pinnock, who is the Chaplain on St Charles after the vision was received.

She said in relation to the vision of incense filling the chamber of the Church of Our Lady of Victories in Kensington in 2017 that it was delusional.

I reported again that Saints of the Church, Apostles of the Church, all the Popes and everyone who is Catholic is aware of a feeling that they have when they pray.

A feeling for example of a tingling spine, or a lilt in their heart, these are known to Roman Catholics, they are known to other Christians. I described the feeling she has with her husband, and others in the room may have with their wives, of love in their heart.

She ignored this and still described me as delusional and grandiose.

She has said she will force inject me.

I had to repeatedly say that she must give me Aripiprazole, it was my choice over the other medications such as Haliperidol which is an obscene choice for someone who is well.

No medication is needed.

She is breaking the law.

I am entitled to my own beliefs. I am entitled to my own religious experiences.

No harm has been committed against anyone.

I described there was money available for shelter, food and clothing whenever I needed it, and I described there were debts all over the country which I can reclaim at the time I need them.

She ignored every statement I made.

She made notes, trying to build a case for religious grandiosity which she claims is a mental illness needing treatment.

She has written up an enforced prescription of 5mg Aripiprazole. This is only the beginning.

She needed to listen to what I said last week and again this week:

Hold me for as long as you want, but don’t medicate me and prove that I’m not who you say I am: your words are ‘mentally impaired.’

How dare you Doctors, force me into this ward.

How could you do this to anyone!

Lord Jesus Christ, please protect me.
Lord God, please help me.
Please Lord, show these sinful people what they are doing.

Jesus Christ is with us.
Our Lord God is for us.
Jesus will save us, each and everyone of you.

Our Lord told me to take action when D002 threatened to destroy the evidence by filing a police injunction against my diary online. They would have had power to do whatever they want, really. Wrong!

I have been told to obfuscate every name in the hospital. I know who which number is. I will be reporting all of those crimes when I am released. None of your jobs who are reported are safe.

How dare you D002, N014 threaten me with your prosecution when you are committing these crimes against these poor men and women in this hospital!

And yes, N014 followed up on N007’s slander by showing my diary entry to D002. But no action was taken to rectify the slanderous medical entry that N007 left. But instead I was threatened with needing to destroy every piece of evidence I’m collecting. And indeed, they even threaten to take away my phone and iPad. I denied their request to have them witness me using my devices everyone in the hospital is permitted to use.

I am going through one by one, if there are any omissions, please let me know.

To the kind nurses who have been so loving and warm, I am sorry that I am being denied the commendations I gave you by this cruel vindictive person D002.

If you know who you are, please give me written permission to publish your name in those commendations.

God bless the patients on this ward.

God bless the ones who need help.

I love you, Lord Jesus Christ.
Please save me from these criminals.

One nurse seems to have been subjected to questioning from D002. She witnessed me refusing an open box of 1-day old strawberries when F003 and F002 arrived unexpectedly yesterday evening. They left without talking because visiting times were over before I finished with my friend F001. Both F001 and F002,F003 arrived at the same time.

F002,F003 are those who have slandered me.

F001 is my good friend with a nice new beard I might add 😊

I was then accused by D002 of paranoia. She claimed I had told the nurse they were poison. She further questioned me and asked me many times if I felt people were poisoning me.

D002 then had the gall to question my harassers who have lied and slandered my medical files for years. How dare she not listen to her patient.

She is a criminal.

I want her removed from the hospital immediately.

Hospital Manager H001, please contact me to have these numbers deciphered.

This is my pulse before the meeting:

This is my pulse after the meeting:

My normal range is 90-120. I am proven to be calm even by the witnesses of my accusers. This is recorded as evidence.

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