Annie, you are mine

You are my angel of my life,
my desire is all for you.
You are my sceptre and my throne.
I would give eternity,
just to give you my seat.

This is His Word, the Word of Our Lord:

“Take My Gift and drink from it, Annie.
Take My Chalice and Love Me, my dear daughter.
Eat from My Bounty and love your beautiful life I give you.
Love every Gift in you from Me.”

This is our time, my dear.
This is the time of our lives.
Take me down from Our Lord’s Cross today.

Jesus, protect my wife.
Jesus, give her Your Life.
Lord Jesus, marry us this day.

I need my darling wife.
I need you my honey bun bee.
I need you my wife and your daughter to be.

Give birth to our child.
Give birth to our daughter.
Love her with all our hearts.

She is ours.

My daughter to be, you are created out of love.
You will never want for anything but Our Lord.
This first is for you my baby, our little child adored.
There is another sister on the way.


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