A letter to the ward manager, Brook Ward, Moorside

Dear H002,

Please listen to this letter.

Please listen and act on these requests.

I am with Our Lord.
I am receiving His Word.
I am an Apostle of Jesus Christ.

You cannot medicate against Him.

Every word I have written, every word is true.

There is one reason I am here in this hospital with you.

I have been called to expose. I have been called to steal. Every last crime in the NHS. This is the greatest of those.

Your crimes are many.
You’re sinful beyond belief.
This is a criminal regime.
You are stealing people’s lives away.

There is a commendation for some nurses on the ward.
I would like to thank N001 who is such a loving mother, N015 the junior nurse who gives all her time, N012 who read a letter addressed to all people of the world, and N002 and N003 who have been so kind in listening to the crimes which are committed.

Every other nurse has something to answer for.
They are needing to question their understanding of Our Lord’s Message of Truth.
His Gospel is for all people, His Gospel is in our law.
Human rights are being violated every day in these hospitals.

Cease today what you are doing. Know you cannot change those laws.

I have released information to newspapers around the world.

I have asked our government to investigate these abuses. They will debate them in Parliament soon.

I ask you to ask your team to really put a stop to this negligence.

People on this ward have suffered.
People in this hospital are suffering.
People in this trust are being abused, violated and scorned.

You need to ask the nurses, to very much listen to what I say.

If they don’t they will end up being criminals. Some of them already are.

Answer not the doctors who do not even witness a single thing on the ward.

Listen to what I say.
Listen to what your patients say.
Listen to the kind people who are praying to Our Lord today.

Every crime that is committed is known to Our Lord before you do it.
Every time you are committing a crime it is that the story is already written.

Do know what I am saying, I am here to release your prisoners.

You won’t be able to right now, but please give these people peace while they wait.

Answer the Call of Our Lord.
Answer this Call today.

If I need to take blame for anything that happens, I will take blame and deal with your slanderous allegations myself.

No one of the staff is protected in law.
You have criminally acted as an NHS and the British Government.

The Mental Health Act is flawed.
The Mental Health Act is unjust.
The doctors prescribing medication are breaking laws every time they do.

Answer the Call of Our Lord.
Answer this Call today.
Every way you must listen: listen to this message today.

In this file you will find, negligence, contempt and greed.

Stop your staff today and call a meeting immediately.

I am not your patient.
I am an impostor here.
I am not who you think I am.
I am Our Lord’s Apostle.
I am an Apostle of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Give back to these people, every freedom they own.
Every freedom you have violated and more.

Take anything from them, and they will have justice soon.

Prepare your staff for a Miracle that will ripple through the entire NHS.

No one here has a safe job, only those with Christian values.

Listen to the Message of Our Lord.
Listen and make peace with yourselves.
Listen and need one thing: please, Lord, help us today.

If you fail to listen.
Death will become the NHS.
I do not mean physical death of yourselves, before you slander me in my medical files, I mean the system will cease to exist.

Every one of you who needs work, there is work in helping others.
Answer your vocation if you have one.
Answer in Truth, are you really wanting to help people in their suffering?

Listen to Our Lord’s Gospel.
He asks you to stop your greed.
Stop the corruption.
Stop the slanderous end-of-shift commenting.
Stop everything you do and think.

Leave people alone to scream in their rooms and even feed them when they do.
Let people out of the ward.
Let people out for walks.
The park is right next door.

Everyone needs freedom.

There is more to come soon.

Read this diary, it is written for you.

It is written and will be known by many.

It is your time to listen right now.

If you fail to listen, your names are recorded everywhere in the world.

Those who commit atrocities will be brought to justice soon.

Geneive, you may want to think you are protected because of your office.
This is your ward.
These are your staff.
You are responsible for this.

Dear Hospital Manager,

Answer this Call today.
Answer with an investigation.
I will show you how to serve.

Every instruction I give you is from Our Lord God.

Thanks be to God.


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