Today’s sinful activity by the nurses

I witnessed N015 searching for work to do. I told her that she needed to sterilise P001’s bottle which has a nozzle not dissimilar to what a mother would give an infant.

The bottle needs sterilisation in boiling water once a day.

It has not been sterilised in weeks.

I gave him the bottle last night sterilising with under-boiling water from the kettle tap that is provided in the kitchen.

I asked N015 several times, she is a junior nurse, she has ignored every request.

I spoke to N007 and told her one thing, that she needs to make sure the junior N015 actions the request to sterilise the bottle that P001 has and I even clarified which room he is in.

She ignored the request, and I told her I would write it up.

I also learned today that our brother P007 has been slandered in his notes from last night too. They will learn that they have written he has stayed up late. This is not a crime, sin, or mental illness. That man is a voluntary patient and I’ve warned him to leave as soon as he can. But I know they are already building their case to keep him in. I have concealed his name as he is very very innocent. He is a nice man and it is clear that he has not understood what he is doing by giving himself to this hospital voluntarily.

Then I walked back to my room and there was a man shouting in his room, at himself, just because he’s incarcerated. He needed to let off steam, there is no where to do this safely. Please everyone just leave this man alone.

Then N007 goaded him into getting further angry. She made him more and more angry by entering his room when he just needed peace.

Then she told him ‘I want you to come with me to take some medication.’

This is their answer to their own problem of locking everyone up. Please stop it now, let everyone go. Everyone who stays, wants to stay, those who don’t won’t.

Then there was a little sin of N004. I told her plainly to keep watching my pulse. Our Lord knew there was a fire alarm to go off. The fire alarm raised my pulse to 134. Then my pulse dropped back to 118. And then when I asked her to witness this she just ignored me.

N004, I have been teaching you before, I very much like your hospitality, but you do need to listen to this evidence: the ward itself is making people not peaceful, locking people here is a fait acomplit. If you keep people here restricted with the freedoms which are theirs, you’re actually harming people not healing.

This by the way is very evident in all patients in the NHS, they do nothing but leave people in a coma.

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