This is the medication card after 6 days in incarceration from the lies and slander of C001

C001 has detailed a need for me to take medication.

It shows on the following prescription card I have not taken any medication.

I have not taken drugs from the NHS for 6 months.

I am clean and healthy. Yes, I am off their dope.

Please see this for yourself and correlate with the previous evidence.

C001’s assertion is clearly unsubstantiated.

It is quite clear to everyone who reads through these posts that they can only think I am a devoutly religious person.

My rights are protected, I am entitled to my own beliefs. My faith is Roman Catholic and is confirmed in not only the Priesthood, but also by reading any text which my writing refers to.

The claims C001 have made about giving money away to people I help on the streets is really telling of her own faith. She clearly does not recognise the need to clothe, feed and shelter the suffering people on the streets of Greater Manchester, Rome, London and pretty much everywhere in the world.

If anyone stops me doing this, just know Our Lord has shown me the way. He even has provided me a nice payout from … 🤔 yes, just know I have money when I need it.

I even have a CitySuites apartment paid for when I am released from Moorside, and yes, I can just book on the day. I lived there before, I like the breakfast, the rooms all are very nice. And it’s in central Manchester just down the road from Salford Cathedral.

Please release me as soon as possible. You really don’t need any more evidence.

You’re not going to goad me into anger, and yes, I am being helped by Our Lord.

If people can’t read the front, just know there is an US FDA finding that Aripiprazole is pretty awful, in fact it causes compulsive behaviour. Just the kind of thing, no one should ever be taking.

In fact let’s look at Olanzapine, do people understand why I put on 7.5 stone in under 6 months from a doctor’s decision in the PICU ward of St Charles in London to do something completely against common sense, and my own advice.

Please listen to me next time everyone, I really don’t need your treatment.

YEs C001, not a single dose of your Lorazepam tablets did I take. 🤭

And everyone who wants to see more, I’ll be back tomorrow after the ward round, to really speak some truths about the NHS.

What is it about first hand witness statements the NHS is not able to use? Do they realise I have told them repeatedly just to read what I write?

They have slandered me, abused me, incarcerated me for my faith. They have taken all my liberty and removed every dignity I have. They have taken 7 years of my life. They have removed my ability to be, anywhere in Europe without the NHS chasing me.

I even received a lot of pain, from every day their little tests. YEs, even those tests that check blood pressure they cause visible marks on my skin. They are painful because they have bloated my weight beyond measure.

I need to leave this continent to escape this criminal regime.

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