These are the CTO papers and what psychiatrists are trying to do to me

This is the CTO1 paper signed by Dr Jo Emmanuel of St Charles Hospital over FaceTime with then a mental health professional I’d never met before, Jayne Metcalf.

It states in page 2 of this form ‘he hears a direct calling from God and we are preventing him, through unwarranted treatment, from following this calling.’ Indeed they are preventing me from following my calling. I’m detained currently for the 5th time in 2 years by the NHS for doing no more than being charitable and speaking the Word of God.

This is a crime. This is a crime of the NHS. This is a crime of the psychiatrists. This is a crime of the mental health professionals. It is a crime of government workers in full knowledge of their criminality if they are wrong, and if they are not aware, I have told them so many times. I have beliefs which are protected in law. Any beliefs are protected in law.

What she says about giving away money is true, however this has not led to large debts, nor any debts. Instead the NHS forced treatment has led to loss of earnings and has ruined my finances beyond repair.

They can’t continue doing this to me or to other people.

But there’s something they haven’t admitted to themselves. What they’ve done is criminal, they are government workers and massive amounts of compensation and damages need to be repaid to me by the British Government soon.

The longer it goes on the more money it is and the more unsafe those people’s jobs and freedom are who have acted against the law and against my interests.

It is not just me, they are doing this to many people who are listening to Our Lord teaching them in their time of need. Those people may not be Apostles or Saints, they may only need one thing in their lives: Our Lord’s Healing.

Then the CTO7 form renewed this in December 2018 for a third 6 months. They State I have anger problems, this is not true. It is slander from my own family.

They are the ones who have been angry at me for not accepting their label of mental illness in me. This is their crime.

They also state a bipolar affective disorder diagnosis. This diagnosis is complete nonsense as it states, it sounds like schizophrenia or even possibly multiple personality disorder. None of these are true.

It is not psychosis, only one symptom is present from the NHS documentation on psychosis. Acute psychosis it cannot be, it has lasted now 2 years. They refer to chronic psychosis, how then am I able to earn £150,000 per year in a software engineering job. Is it recurring? I’m working since June 2018 on no medication whatsoever. How is this known in their medical literature?

The NHS is devoid of faith, they do not even list on their website about any of those so-called illnesses of the mind with regards to the power of God and recognise that it might even be Him talking to their patients.

How is this scientific in any way?

Even scientists studying Quantum Theory acknowledge God’s presence in the Universe. Even atheists, some of them, understand what is possible. And yet they do not even question their own patients and listen to them.

Moorside Unit has no psychology or talking therapy whatsoever. The psychiatrist ignores the patient. They see them for 10 minutes maximum per week. They ignore everything said, and make a case to label them with as many psychotic symptoms as possible.

And then there’s this one, the revocation of the CTO leading to a fresh Section 3 for detainment for up to 6 months again. They can renew that Section 3 indefinitely if they wanted to. It’s completely in the hands of the psychiatrist who prescribed drugs.

It’s nonsense. They do not even want to witness my Roman Catholic Chaplain from St Charles speak of my mainstream Roman Catholic Faith. Then when she removes all freedoms from me she won’t even come to see me, and walks past me sheepishly, saying at 15:50 she needs to go home. Criminal!

How is it paranoia to stand up for what is true?

The NHS is persecuting me, a Roman Catholic hearing Our Lord speak His Truth to me, an Apostle of Jesus Christ in my lifetime.

A Saint one day after my death.

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