N007 accused me of breaking the hospital policy and threatened to put me under escort

What escort means is basically one is not allowed out of the ward. That is the smelly stinking slimy corridor of Brook Ward where 23 males share 2 bathrooms.

This is N007’s crime.

She accused me of smoking a cigarette.

I told her as I continued to smoke my electronic cigarette that she was not knowing what was true.

I told her plainly that she has not seen what was true.

I hereby show you the evidence.

Please check the CCTV cameras in the courtyard where she accused me. Please search my room with me present and you will find no evidence in my room of smoking at all.

Please check her slanderous medical note.

16:50 25th March 2019

She said she wants to restrict my freedoms by writing what she thought she saw. What she saw was not true.

She has a prescription for very strong glasses, I think she needs to check her eyesight.

Nurses and doctors of Moorside Unit, you have no evidence at all of me smoking any cigarettes. Please discard this medical note and suspend N007 from Brook Ward.

I reported this complaint and delivered it to N014 who is the duty nurse in charge. I reported it at 17:30 and told her that N007 has written slanderous lies in my medical file.

N014 was then approached again at 17:40 and I showed the electronic cigarette above which I was smoking.

N014 said she hasn’t filed it, the concern she said. I informed again it was a complaint.

I told her all the nurses have had access to my diary since I arrived in Moorside last week.

She will not even act on an official complaint about N007 and the slanderous comments she has left in my medical notes.

This will be seen by the Court.

N014 said she is acting in my best interests and will investigate this today.

She read the above 5 paragraphs and told me that because she is acting on it my statements are not truthful. She called me a liar, when I was asking The Holy Spirit what was true.

What will happen is that N014 will not even read the evidence presented to her but instead support N007’s incorrect witness statement.

I have provided evidence and it will not be seen by N014 even though 200 people around the world every day, yes you, are reading this very text.

That is called not acting on it.

N014 will act negligently. She should be suspended too.

At 18:50 I was told by Our Lord to ask for biological evidence of what else they need to see. Yes I was not angry, I was calm.

They all knew I was calm and even let me into the courtyard and activity room unescorted. How kind of them.

I asked N014 who lost her nerve when she failed to see there is an error with the pulse meter they use.

Lisa has to take over and it is clearly visible even their pulse meters don’t work. How is it I am in cardiac arrest and then suddenly fall down to my natural even of 90-120bpm.

This is what they fail to see, there is even an error code. Hospital? What does that error code mean?

Do know this machine is broken. E83 I suspect is not even known to the manufacturer’s, is it N007?


Does anyone care to explain how my pulse varies from 227 to 115 in a matter of two seconds.

The only explanation is all your pulse meters cannot read patients pulses. You better revert those statements you make about Lorazepam too until you can reliably medicate people for what you call agitation.

Everyone should know cardiac arrest is possible at this level of 227, yet why am I not being transferred to the physical health hospital.

I even told N004 and N007 this is what their false allegations do to people.

As I have been writing their care is what is making people agitated, not the people being agitated first.

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