C001 is continuing to harass me

Harassment is a crime.

There is evidence in her personal notebook. I ask the CMHT of South Trafford to take her notebook, if she fails to do so or begins tearing pages out of it, please place her under suspension for 2 months while this matter is resolved.

C001 has no permission to care for me in any way.

C001 has been harassing me for months.

She has signed a paper contained in the evidence of 5 illegal incarcerations from the NHS. This paper proves her criminal act of calling my Roman Catholic Faith delusional.

She has made the claim in the CTO3 paper of this incarceration, evidence she herself did not witness but gave to D001.

She has given false evidence to the NHS, she has given false evidence to the Police in the United Kingdom. She had me held in a prison in Fiumincino, Rome by giving false evidence to the British Police.

She has lied about me.

I request the CMHT of South Trafford to immediately prevent her from taking any further actions with regards to myself Timothy Behrsin.

Please ensure C002, a Roman Catholic, becomes the Care Coordinator going forward.

Please note I am still held here, there is no evidence of what D001 has written. I have not been angry, nor raised my voice.

I am not on medication, I have proved to the hospital that I am well and have been off medication since 16th August 2018.

Please CMHT, action this request, I have phoned you myself, I have requested in November 2018 to C001 to bring C002 forward as my Care Coordinator, she has ignored my requests and continues to slander me.

C001, do not even enter the ward round tomorrow.

The nurses know what you have done.

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