To the hospital manager

Dear H001, Hospital Matron,

I was placed into hospital by slanderous allegations not borne from fact but lies of C001. She has no evidence for what she has written on the paper I’ve received.

Your hospital is withholding any other papers.

This includes a CTO4 and a supposed Section 3.

The Section 3 does not exist yet.

I am detained after the expiration of a 72 hour recall. The recall expired at 14:00 on Saturday 23rd March.

I was not allowed to leave the building.

Your nurses have acted criminally.
Your duty doctor D003 acted criminally.
Your nurses this evening have acted with gross misconduct for not detailing what is in their hands and is evidence of the criminal conduct of C001.

How do you expect to survive this?

This is criminal, I have documented this and it is in print very soon. You are only adding to the evidence.

Might I remind you anyone’s beliefs, however different they may sound to mainstream beliefs, are protected under both British Law and European Law and I have a court case to appeal with an injunction against C001.

The Court did not have enough evidence and threw the case out based on my family’s involvement.

I intend to seek not only damages from the government but also damages from the NHS Trust in Prestwich.

You are criminal for not responding to me last year when I represented the findings that I made. The bullies then are still in the ward and they even won’t shake my hand.

Read this now all of it and realise you are really breaking the law.

Please know I have analytics installed, I can easily see if you have read every word.


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