This is our son, Annie, please give him all of our love

Our fourth child will be a son for Our Lord.

He has His Sweet Heart written in Our Father’s Heart.

There is a vision I received of our son, the fourth child.

He is in his room with the door open.
He kneels on a cushion and prays to Our Lord.
He receives a vision of His Resurrection.

I see a nativity, an empty stable. Behind the stable there is a tomb with no stone to cover it.

The tomb of Our Lord is black.

This is for our little boy, when he is about 14 years old.

My son, please pray for His Truth at this time. You have this book open on this page today.

Please ask Our Lord for one thing in your life.

Please ask Him for His Life.

Jesus, please guide me, please help me understand.
I’ve never seen anything so beautiful.
Please, Jesus, I need you right now.
Please take my body and give me Your Life.

When you ask Our Lord, my son, give Our Lord everything you have.

Please give us one word.

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