The papers that were signed by C001 and D002

This is being withheld from me, it is a CTO4 paper discharging me from C001’s CTO.

There is a corresponding Mental Health Act Assessment which has not been performed but the papers must be signed already as they’re holding me. I do not even believe they have a Section 3 signed. I have not seen such papers.

If anyone can read that paper with C001’s writing on it, and that is the best keyframe I found, then please enlighten me as to their allegations.

They haven’t even discussed it with me.

It is implausible that I am unwell right now. Not a single person on the ward has seen me with any anger whatsoever.

It is in fact criminal to withhold due legal process when I have reported criminal activity by C001 and slanderous allegations from my old family.

This is the system in the United Kingdom.

It must change.

C001 needs to really answer this: why has she written something which requires me to be placed under close escort and I am not even allowed to leave the ward corridor into the secure grounds in the courtyard without a nurse present. They have disturbed my sleep since I’ve arrived and they will not even see me get angry.

They will not even let me read it let alone give me a photocopy I can send to a lawyer.

I then showed this to N003 who is on shift, she appears to be in charge tonight.

I was told immediately by her she does not want to read anything I’ve written, and this is pretty much the problem.

Why do the NHS not listen to the patient they are incarcerating?

When I read it to Jo she explained something different to N018 who brushed aside he documents in the photo. N018 explained that the papers filed led to the 15 minute observations I am supposedly under since I arrived over 72 hours ago.

N008 explained that this has nothing to do with C001, however do know I have no anger at all even when discussing this lack of dignity of peering through my bedroom window ever 15 minutes and shining a bright LED torch into my eyes.

This is criminal, it is harassment, it is unfair and yes very much how they should not treat anyone in their care.

N008 even said I could apply for a Subject Access Request and when I told her this would take 30 days and they would redact any information they wanted, she responded that this was the case.

This is callous, uncaring and immoral.

There is no legal justice in the NHS Mental Health System.

I then went back to N008 and asked her a simple question.

‘What is it about hearing the Word of God you think would be called delusional?’

She told me that it is a facet of a mental illness. I asked her if she knew people heard the Word of God. She then went on to say there is a fine line between spirituality and mental illness.

In itself this telling, they can’t tell the difference.

But then I educated her on the law. I let her know that a person’s beliefs, even if they were the only one’s to have them, are personal to them and are protected under both British Law and the European Convention on Human Rights.

She then went onto say that the CMHT, yes C001, who seems to also have signed the Moorside Unit Section 3 without even doing a Mental Health Act Assessment. She said that they had reason to believe that I was mentally ill, and they are trusting this.

But this is not evident in any behaviour on the ward, I have been peaceful with everyone I have met.

But there is another claim in that CTO3 document from D002 and that is delusional beliefs. These are the crimes the NHS are committing, they have no evidence of anger yet they stick to this fictional Section 3.

The letter following has been delivered to the hospital manager, N008 calls her the Matron.

I asked Joanne who the email is in copy to to read every word before proceeding. She seemed to just go back to her work when I asked her to give me the papers in the morning.

They are hindering justice and it is unending.

It is impossible to break free of this corrupt system.

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