The Lord is with our brother P001

He may be angry at times, vulgar in his language he may be in his mid 50s.
But this man has suffered greatly in his life, and he needs the Love of Jesus Christ.

Thank you P001 for letting us serve you with His Kindness this evening. I wanted to do more but there were others to help. Thank you P001 for being my friend, and please don’t thank me again, thank Our God for those gifts you received. It is He who gave you those sweet gifts of Love and Life, He is Our Lord and He is The Giver of Life.

Let us thank Our Lord God.

This man is Our Lord’s.
Give Him everything from your stores.
Give Him Life from Our Lord.
Give Him dignity, hope and Our Lord’s Salvation.

P001 I love you.
P001 I want to help you.

In the prison of your body you want Him to Love you.

In the prison of this ward He wants to set you free.

Please P001 just be with Our Lord.

I love You, Jesus, please shelter this man, Your son.
I love You, Lord, please help him understand.
I need You, Jesus, to be His Lord Jesus Christ.

Please Lord, give this man Your Life.

In the name of Our Lord I ask us to say one prayer for the suffering aged in Moorside.

Bring them to You, Lord,
show them Your Love.
Take them all the Way to You.

Peace be with you, P001. May the joy of Jesus Christ be with you in your hour of need.

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