P001, my friend in suffering and N010 his abuser

P001 is a patient on Brook award.

He has been there since I left Moorside in June 2017.

He is deteriorating in his physical health and is very strong for one thing, putting up with this abuse from the nursing staff at Moorside.

He wanted some fresh air and to stand in the courtyard where he is allowed to go. And N010 decided to wind him up by not letting him out. He restricted his freedom and P001 became a little angry. Some swear words were said, but yes not sinful, he is being abused by N010 and others.

Eventually the kind and loving N010 listened to his plea and she took him outside to calm down.

Immediately as P001 was allowed outside he was calm. He is in control of his emotions and I write this as a witness to refute N010’s and possibly N000’s records today about him.

P001 is a nice gentlemen who needs physical health care, not incarceration in a stinking clammy unsightly ward in any Mental Health hospital in the United Kingdom.

Anyone who wants to meet P001, he’s in Brook Ward in Moorside Unit. You will see he’s not well, but he’s old and infirm. That is all.

22:12 24th March 2019

P001 was wanting food, there was none left in the kitchen. I was hungry myself also, we are at the behest of the nurses whim to prepare and deliver food when we are hungry. We have wants from Our Lord with no care from the nurses. He asked for food with the money he had. N006, the woman, and strong armed P001 to his room. P001 is in need of our prayers.

Please hospital treat this man humanely. He needs physical care not incarceration.

P001, my brother, I’m praying for you. May the joy and love of Jesus be with you as they do what they do to people they make angry.

Jesus, please help this man, your dear son P001.

Jesus, I ask you for Your Mercy.

I asked the other patients to help him.

N006 then found a mess on the floor in the kitchen. She wanted to do harm to P001. I told her it was what I witnessed someone do, that it was someone in the ward. She then started questioning me and I told her quite simply it was no one. I told her it was no one, it isn’t true. But there is no way I am going to blame a single patient on this ward for the anger that these nurses incite in their patients. When she continued questioning who it was that a list of names came out of her mouth, she was wanting someone to be written up. That means further detainment in this cage, and I simply told her it was gravity. She said she didn’t believe it, with obvious reason, but the point is clean up the mess a patient has made.

That nurse needs to recognise people are hungry and they need to provide the food that they want.

I heard people ordering pizza and I asked them to buy the biggest pizza for £10. Cash was in my room and I went straight to P001 and told him food was on the way. I told him when he asked, this hungry man, he could have all of it, but I do want a slice.

N006 continued to argue with him as he walked away I asked calmly please leave it alone. She then shouted at me and told me off for calming P001 down and she told me to not tell her how to do her job.

N006 please know this is what you’ve done before, and I was alone without other patients to point it out to you. Please fellow patients help these Nurses understand but be calm and let them write their slander. Help is on its way.

The time is now 22:16.

The time is now 22:57 and the pizza arrived.

I asked N006 to get P001 from his room. P008 and I and two slices each and we agreed to give half the pizza to our brother P001.

When I cleared away the box of pizza, I saw the love of Jesus in the patient P006. He had given him more from his stores, which are none, the remaining kebab went to P001. Thank You, Lord for showing our people Your Love and generosity while here in this prison. These are Your People, Lord please protect them and guide them. Please Lord help us give these people freedom.

P001 is old of mind, and N006 was generous in helping us serve each other.

Thank you, N006 for allowing us to diffuse this row that erupted on the ward.

P001’s family please take this man home. Please help with His Love, His Peace and His Kindness. Please shelter this man where he belongs.

P001 is now calm and he is no longer hungry. He does need 24 hour care.

He does not need a prison, but instead please take him out for walks in the local park. Please feed him, clothe him with the belt he needs and please shelter him in an open ward.

God bless these loving people tonight with Your Peace. Please help P001 go to sleep in Your Peace.

After P001 requested milk from N005 I asked N005 for the bottle he needs. I sterilised it with the almost boiling water there was to use and rinsed in cold water. I filled it with the milk N005 provided and the love of Our Lord is in N005’s heart. He took the milk and offered it to P001 and then P001 gave him the empty box from the kebab.

God bless P001 and the kind nursing staff this evening for all they have done for us.

I have never seen such kindness for what people have done for P001 than by N005.

At midnight I heard P001 shouting outside my room.

He had placed himself lying down on the floor.

I helped him up from the floor then the N019 told me to stop. Then I was asked by P001 again. I was told by Our Lord to help this man up from the floor. I never gave him a pull. He took my hands and used them to support himself. Please do this very least for this man.

He wanted a cool place to rest in this very hot ward.

He needed to get something off his chest.

P001 needs a woman, a female nurse to care for him. He needs to be treated with respect.

One shower, that is a bath, from a female nurse, wash him where he needs to be washed. Do not even think to provide a male nurse to wash him, this is undignified for any man.

He needs his eczema treated every day, with medicine available in the cupboard.

He needs love of every member of his home.

This is what P001 needs for his retirement.

Please take him out into the parks around Moorside, please don’t leave him alone.

Please give him freedom to walk outside any time of the night. Please give him peace and comfort while he is going to Our Lord.

Please don’t abuse this man, he has suffered enough.

Our Lord Jesus Christ, please help these nurses care for P001.

At 1am I was woken again to the suffering of P001.

I found him lying almost face down on the floor next to a chair he was provided by the nurses outside the nursing station in Brook Ward.

N019 was looking on.

I pleaded with N019 and N005 to turn a blind eye and let me help the man up again.

P001 pleaded and called my name, Timothy, I tried to help him without offering him my hand.

P001 had his left arm trapped behind his torso and his right arm raised onto the chair. I went behind him about a metre away with my hands behind my back and told him what he needed to do. I told him to turn his torso to his right where I said my hand would be.

P001 was unable to move.

I asked N019 and N005 to help this man, they told me they had to leave him there. The Night Nurse had told them he had to help himself up, and I could visibly see his arms shaking. He does not have the strength in his arms to raise himself up. He is older than his years.

I asked the nurses to go inside their rooms so I could help P001 without them breaking their regulations.

I was being told to do every single thing I did by Our God and then I was told to obey P001.

I reached out both my hands to help him turn around. No force was there from me. P001 used my hands as a pivot and then turned.

This is what anyone should do.

P001 found himself turned onto his back and he rested on the floor and cried.

P003, this generous patient who has been so kind to me, sat on the chair and consoled P001.

P001 began weeping at the suffering he is enduring.

P001 asked me to raise him up.

Our Lord told me to obey P001 and to disobey the nurses. I was told to say to the nurses ‘slander me at your will’.

Their notes are known to Our God before they write them. Their sins have been known before they’ve done them.

I offered my hand to P001 and then offered my other. P001 asked me to pull him up.

I was gentle and tried to not cause any pain in P001.

His left hand was above his shoulder.

He experienced some pain, but he went to bed, with me taking P001 in my arms.

I walked him to the door and P003 helped him into bed.

P003 offered him peace and a prayer.

I was told to genuflect in front of the closed door on my right knee and make the Sign of the Cross.

P003 became irritated by the conversation started by N006, the woman, and I tried to ask P003 to stop.

P003 stopped after he said what was needed. P003 was innocent in this.

Nurses tonight, N006, N005, N019, N011, this was negligent treatment of P001.

I accept complete responsibility for any injury P001 has, but do know Our Lord is with him.

P001 has not been injured from tonight’s negligence by the NHS, but he suffers in bed tonight. He is in pain from the lack of care, by the ridiculous policies of the mental health system, which are so negligent of P001 that it is clear to me he cannot be treated in a mental health ward anytime anyplace anywhere.

Please transfer him doctors to a care facility. A retirement with 24 hour care.

There is a place for him in St Andrews Court, Queens Road, Hale.

Please give him 2 rooms and have a live-in nurse.

Please ask this nurse to be paid a generous salary.

NHS, if you refuse to listen, I will be taking action myself. I will personally use the payout from my incarcerations to help P001 and his family.

12:45 25th March 2019

I discovered after lunch looking out of my bedroom window, P001, trapped in the back garden. When I spoke to him he was telling me of what was predicted last night in this writing.

He has been placed on escort, not allowed out into the rest of the ward, the courtyard, the activity room or even the multi-faith prayer room locked by the Imam.

I asked N001 to open the door for me, she wasn’t aware he was outside. All the rest of the Nurses except for N001 and N021 were in a handover meeting.

I asked N021 if he would escort P001 out so he could chat with me in the courtyard, which is still in a secure building, chat me his friend. He told me he was on escort, which doesn’t make any sense to me as he was left to walk around a back garden filled with nothing but fencing and garden and not even water or a chair to sit on.

The weather is quite warm, had I not been shown him by Our Lord, P001 would have suffered even more today.

This is wrong.

I have already informed every nurse to take responsibility on me for what happened last night. They are performing a witch hunt and blaming P001 their patient for the anger they incited in him.

N003, please action my request, escalate this right up to the NHS Trust.

11:00 9th April 2019

D002 was on holiday today and so D024, the man who signed the torture order, stood in for her in my ward round today. He said I was allowed freedom of expression, he didn’t say freedom of religion. I highlighted this was not true and he kept on interrupting me. I said my rights were protected under the Human Rights Act and the European Convention on Human Rights. He ignored it and said it was valid, but ignored that they are making a claim about my beliefs. I told them if they want to think that they can, but they can’t infringe on my liberty, a Human Right.

N013 was brought up, his name was obfuscated within 24 hours of the ward round preceding the torture order from D024. I told him I would happily take it down if they tell me where it is, but then I find with a simple check that his name has already been completely obfuscated. He said he was concerned that N013’s real name was still in my diary. I don’t think he understands how common that name is.

I obviously can’t tell you his name right now, but it’s easy to infer just by reading about N013 in my diary and some other diary entries not related to the NHS.

He offered me 30 mins escorted leave which is ridiculous. I asked for one of two nurses to be present today in the ward round and every round following, they have ignored it and will not facilitate this in any way.

I have asked for the good nurses N002 and N028 to be given 30 minutes with me as often as possible, preferably once a day but at least a few times a week. I would like them to explore my faith. I told D024 to do this with a psychologist and he refused.

The psychiatrists are earning so much money that they can’t even provide adequate talking therapy to their patients. Think 6 figures and more for each of the psychiatrists treating as responsible clinicians. They don’t even acknowledge the need to listen to their patients.

12:30 9th April 2019

I reported this lie of D024 to N014 and the man himself N013. I told them I wanted it investigated and the lie in my medical file corrected. I told them also to follow up on the abuses P001 and others who have been reported to be followed up too. N014 said she has listened to what I said. She will not act in any way to follow up on what is said. That is called deception to say one is listened to but not acknowledged. That is what N014 does. She is not a qualified nurse, except on paper.

Where is it known by people that female nurses are mothers, sisters and daughters to their patients. Television, yes the BBC’s Casualty is a work of fiction. Modern day nursing is caring for people from hospital policies and a textbook, not caring for individuals or their individual needs whatsoever.

Those nurses that do should run these hospitals.

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