N000 helped me today

She asked me to help her fill in her form.

As you can see she was the last to fill the form.

I even asked her the date and asked yesterday’s date. As you can see I’m no longer under Section.

Thanks N000.

Oh and I helped the hospital discover that losing 7 stone eating fast food every day for 6 months, and I do mean my Belgian diet of one meal a day, doesn’t help me lose weight very rapidly.

It even became true when I had a proper reading from the scales.

Funny that. I even believed her when she told me I had lost 7 stone in 6 months.

But then I asked her to verify it on her electric chair. Yes it seems the normal weighing scales are broken. Please know Moorside I don’t even fit into your little electric chair. It’s not even comfortable. Please provide a cushion…

I’m still waiting for confirmation of the signatories on the page of the CTO4, but I have no reason to doubt it’s not a binding CTO4.

This is because C001 is not a qualified clinician, just a support worker, yes a AMHQP, whatever that means.

N009 told me it’s not with the MHA office, but as you know and I told her, I have photographic evidence it was with the Nursing station last night.

N008, did you hide this little sinful document?

And everyone they do have these records themselves anyway, because they do this physical health check on admission and every day. In fact it is proof I was nice and calm when I arrived in hospital.

And yes I still have no medication in my body since August 16th 2018.

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