N011 the agency worker implied I did not have cognitive ability

I was greeted after about 5 minutes in the rain waiting to be let in from the courtyard.

N011 the Nurse is an agency worker and I did not recognise him. It later became apparent why, he has had 1 shift and I had a brief conversation with him on the 21st March 2019 in the night shift before I went to bed.

There are many people I have spoken with and I knew to question him more.

His expression on his face and his manner and his words in conversation told a tale of his belief I was unaware of who he was. In his thoughts, I was told by Our Lord that he had deliberately implied I was unaware of who he was. His conversation followed this. Questions from him were this train of thought from him.

He was unaware I was not here on Tuesday evening, the 19th March 2019. He had to check his calendar and yes he found he was on shift actually the day after.

As I told him I recognised the name N011, but I did not recognise his shirt or his face. He is not wearing uniform. And there is another patient by his name.

I told N011 that I knew he had thought this, that his expression on his face and his conversation told me this too. He then said that the doctors were telling people I was with religious delusions and I told him this was criminal. He accepted and informed me that it was not criminal because the doctors know best.

I told him that European and British Law protect the right to one’s own beliefs. He understood what I said, but did not do anything further about this. No one was harmed but one word I left with him which was that this will be written up soon as evidence. And here it is.

N011 said to me he has thoughts I cannot know, he told me also that I have thoughts he does not know.

I told him that only the latter was true. The former is mostly true except when I am told. The Holy Spirit, this is God, reveals these truths to me.

I asked Our Lord, if he implied this in his thoughts. Our Lord responded to me and affirmed the gift of His Truth he has bestowed on His Apostles. I responded to N011 that only his latter statement was true and that The Holy Spirit had spoken to me and revealed to me his sin.

He laughed and as I walked away calmly I told him to read about The Holy Spirit sent forth to teach us His Truth by Jesus Christ and His Ascension into Heaven.

I told him to read from Acts of the Apostles 5 and onwards.

I then sat down and He told me to write every word of this affirmation.

I will show this to N011 himself.

I would also like him to read the full court case at http://bit.ly/nhs-is-sinful

If he does not read this then woe to him for slandering my file later today. I have analytics installed N011, and I even have the hospital IP addresses.

I can also ask Our Lord to reveal to me that he won’t even try to read it. Yes this sin is already known to Our God before he does it.

After returning to the courtyard with a coffee and then back onto the filthy stinking ward.

I asked N011 again as I saw a laptop and 2m charger cable in someone’s room if laptops were allowed on the ward. The nurse in charge, N019, said he didn’t know. This is a disappointing but truthful response. I would prefer this than a lie.

Then N011 said all devices needed to be PAT tested, and I told him that it wasn’t true. I gave him the example of his own phone, which of course is on a low DC current. I told him PAT tests were for AC devices plugged into the mains.

Every word I said was from Our God.

I told him the example of a hotel operator who regularly accepts guests taking every charger they have into their hotel. And yes, they don’t need to PAT test them.

It seems people are making up stories just to limit the government given freedoms, which are in fact Our God given rights, of every individual in hospital.

I experienced this in 2017 when I was suddenly no longer allowed to use my laptop.

This led to me not having legal justice because I wasn’t even able to prepare my evidence.

Now I see people just really don’t care, they just want to finish their shift.

In the case of N011 I highlighted something for him, and the doctors really need to read this as well.

If you don’t know, just say it you don’t know. It is actually your truth.

I am with Our Lord God. Just doubt it if it helps you. Don’t describe me as mentally ill for having beliefs which you cannot understand.

What you are doing in calling me delusional, is actually against British Law. I am entitled to my beliefs, even if no one else shares them, but this is not the case it is in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, in the Holy Bible and in every word written by the Saints of the Church.

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