N010 the ‘nurse’ grew very angry

I went to the nursing station and asked N000 if she would be able to let me go into the courtyard. She seemed to say yes.

Then I went to get my jumper and yes she was on the phone.

I then asked N010 sat next to her and he ignored me pretending he couldn’t hear me. I then received a response and he became very angry. I did not even raise my voice. When he started his anger I stood there and listened. He even called me impolite. He told me I was playing games with him. All I was doing was smiling, as one does when one does not want to be accused of anger.

N010 even told me I needed to get dressed. I am wearing jeans, t-shirt and a jumper, and yes slippers which are very fine and warm for the courtyard.

He told me to go away. He said he was busy and to ask someone else. He was very rude to me, and very uncaring and not professional at all.

N013 the nurse was preparing lunch, and he politely refused to take me to the courtyard.

11:45am 24 March 2019

Then I went back to N010 to remind him I forgave him of what he did yesterday, a conversation I had with him yesterday before he finished his shift. He shouted at me and told me he didn’t want to speak to me. This was over-shouting me while me calmly saying every outburst of his towards me is being recorded.

N010 needs to be fired.

He even slammed the door of the nursing office in my face as he was shouting at me.

11:50am 24 March 2019

I reported this to N009 she was warm and welcoming. She offered to take me to lunch in the canteen. While she was there she offered to release me from escort around the ward. Thank You, Lord, for this little peace and freedom, freedom to talk freely with your people in the hospital.

I then spoke about Mary and the wound in her right hand in Salford Cathedral.

N009 has released me from the suffering of having to stay in confined quarters in the stinking ward of Brook Ward.

N010 I hear his name is, I very much would like an apology. Soon please before you slander me again at the end of the shift.

Oh yes, N010, there is even proof. N009 has taken me off escort while you claim what you do.

Even N013 has been kind and gentle and even shook my hand.

At 4pm 24 March 2019 N010 seems to have calmed down. At least to me as you’ll see in the next piece of evidence, he is hostile to other people too.

N009 was very kind to me around this time she informed the Mental Health Act office has this paper and it is the case I was informed by N018 and N010 yesterday that C001 is one of the two signatories on the CTO4.

It is my understanding it needs to be two doctors on this CTO4 which is effectively a Section 3 reinstatement and not just an AMHQP. In fact I won’t see this until I’m discharged because they won’t even release it to my lawyer.

But I have witness statements already saying the two signatories are D002 and C001, the woman who has been harassing me since 16th August 2018.

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