GDPR law violated by the NHS

I sent an email to The Docs, my GP in Manchester.

I sent this on the way back from Italy.

This request has not been acknowledged.

I would like to send this request to everyone of the British People.

That is, the NHS, the Police, the British Government too.

Dear Hospital Manager,

Please replace everything in my file from 01/01/2012 to the present date including any further action by Moorside Unit, the CMHT South Trafford and yes, C001.

Please ban C001 from filtering any information back to my files in the future, she has no basis to make any other claims, she has lied in my medical file and she has incarcerated me, abused me and harassed me to the present day.

The following statement replaces this period in my file, that is all entries from all divisions of the NHS, Police force and British Government:

“I am completely deaf in my left ear since birth, this is the only ailment I have, and I like it.
I am an Apostle of Jesus Christ.
I have spoken the Word of God to many people.
I am called to serve Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Roman Catholic Church.
My faith is protected under British Law and the European Convention on Human Rights.
Please stay away from me and my family.
That includes anyone else who is of Roman Catholic baptism too.

If you fail to do this, this notice is served today, you are committing a crime which is religious persecution, limiting freedom of expression, and also detainment without due process.”

Please update my medical file today taking the following two actions:

– delete the slanderous comments, that is all of them, from 01/01/2012 to the present day
– replace with the above statement of truth immediately

Please note also, I myself Timothy Behrsin refuse all treatment both physical and any other from any medical practitioner within the European Union.

If I consent to do so in the future you will need my written signature.

If you fail to act on this request to replace my medical file with this statement of truth you are breaking European Law, that is the General Data Protection Regulation of 2018.

Please ensure all copies of your files are destroyed, including any paper files held at any NHS institution across the country. This includes C001’s personal notebook which contains only lies. Please no effigies, but I would like C001’s diary burnt on a bonfire at the St Josephs Sale Scout bonfire night on the 5th November 2019.

The only exception to this GDPR request for take down of your slander is one file held by a private dentist called D002 in Sale. I would like him to pay to fix my teeth, because a previous filling he has placed, as he is my only dentist since I was born, has misaligned some teeth.

Please do not use any information in the present file as a statement of fact. It is lie.

Kind regards,

Timothy Behrsin

Just as an example for everyone to see please find here a link to the 1300 pages that have been released today by the NHS Trust Greater Manchester:

I will be back after a quick chat with Our Lord God to decide what to represent in evidence of their criminal activities.

I do of course anticipate the British departments will be breaking the law again. Snigger, yes. Another few million to add to the claim.

At 18:15 this notice has been served to the ward. They are the only ones with capability to pass this to the hospital manager H001, because she doesn’t even read her emails.

N000, this is for you, the piece of paper was written twice and given to N001 and N002. Those two nurses said they would action my request to leave the piece of paper for all the nurses to read.

This notice has now been served.

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