The Mouse on the Boat

This is a story I was given to write on the train journey back from Manchester to Kensington in October 2017. It is about God’s Providence and it is happening to me and someone else and her little people who are written about towards the end.

There was a mouse on a boat who was lost at sea.
He was found by God and towed to a tree,
where God gave a coconut which fell to the ground,
for water and food the mouse wanted when found.

God showed him a pond that had many fish,
but the mouse didn’t know where to find those fish.
God took his boat and towed him to a place,
and there a fish jumped right on to his plate.

And when he was done, God took him ashore,
and asked him to stay where he wanted no more.
He spoke of a mouse who will be found soon,
who knew she was looking for life with him too.

He searched for her under the tree where he stayed,
but found her on shore with God by her side,
knowing that she was for him to provide,
and knowing he wanted no more than his bride.

God found him some trees and some tiles for the roof,
and He built a tree house for the two mice.
They lived there for years while their God did provide,
all that they wanted and nothing aside.

Then they had many children which God did provide,
and when they saw nothing God stayed by their side.
And the mice did smile at all that they had,
and all they knew after and all they knew not.

Thank God for the joy of what we have now,
and what He will give us and what He will sow,
over the fields of His world where we do live,
and the joy God brings to all who love Him.

Please publish this as a children’s book to be read by all children around the world. If you need to have illustrations, please do so, and I can tell you that it was God towing the boat. Jesus Christ towed this boat out of the water onto the shore of a palm-tree laden desert island. It is very much the Word of God. It is public domain.

For all His Children suffering around the world, please pray for God’s Miracle in your life too.

Please help our children know what it is to be served by Our Lord Jesus Christ.

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