The incident with N000 and toast

There is a little reason some people in the main book might have seen a little evidence last night.

I asked N000 if she could make me some toast but she decided she wouldn’t want to do it.

I then went to N003, a nice born-Catholic man, and he has the love of Christ in his heart.

He offered to make me toast, it tasted delicious, and I thank Joe for his lovely words.

N003, I’m sorry, I don’t know your surname, but N022, N001, N023, N003, please all know you’re not written into this case.

Thank you everyone for the toast.

Oh yes, and N000, if you refuse to make me toast again, please just don’t make me follow you around the ward. I waited 10 minutes for you to finish your little chat with your friends behind your locked nursing door.

Next time N000 just say it, you don’t want to. You don’t want to help feed your patients.

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