The holy rite of His Sweet Heart

I went to Salford Cathedral and asked Father Gavin to witness My Apostleship.

I was greeted by Father Gavin and was asked to say to him, please lock the doors right now.

I placed the current issue of a Catholic newspaper on the floor next to Father Gavin by the door. The title was digital persecution.

I was told to ask him for hospitality in the parish, and I asked him to pray first.

We prayed together at the front of the Church before the Tabernacle.

He said the following words in His Spirit:

“Please protect this man, Timothy, Our Lord Jesus Christ.
May the 7 choirs of angels guide him.”

At that moment I was told to rise and to walk to the left side of the Cathedral.

I was told to kneel on my right knee and make the Sign of the Cross.

Words flowed out of my mouth with a loud voice, Our Lord was speaking through me:

“Bring us to You, Lord,
show us Your Way of Truth and Life.
Be near us Lord,
and never leave our side.
Take us to You, Lord,
take us on the Way to Your Great Life.”

These are the words I was given to say, I had no control in saying them.

He then took my feet to the statue of Mary and Jesus as a child with His Holy Bible in His Hand. Mary’s right hand has a wound of Jesus on it. Please find it, Salford Cathedral and see what it says.

I prayed for Mary’s help and protection in the Parish.

It wasn’t to be right now.

I was then walked by Our Lord to the statue of Our Lord’s death in Mary’s arms.

I was told to prostrate after kneeling on my right knee.

I was told to pray one prayer:

“Your Sweet Heart, my life and my light.
Be near me right now, another night more.
Be near me now, Jesus, in Body and Spirit.
Be near me I ask You, to bring me to You.
The Sweet Heart of Yours, is with me I pray.”

I was then told to wait until it was ready to witness a Miracle.

The Church needs to know what happened next.

Father Michael, Dean of the Cathedral witnessed what happened.

I asked him to show me the Way.

Father Michael you saw me kiss the underside of Our Lord’s right foot and His Wound.

I am here to serve Our God.

Enter the Parish of St Michael.

These last words I don’t understand. I need help from Our Church to see it.

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