Stupidity of criminal damage from the NHS today

N010, I forget your last name, probably because you can just look up your file you’ve just created.

I went to you this morning about 11am and you told me a 72hour recall is automatically converted to a Section 3.

You and N014 scrambled today to basically find any way you could to keep me after 72 hours.

You found the duty doctor, his name will be in the notes.

You then after 14:00 decided to break the law. You refused to let me go.

There is no signed Section 3 paper you have.

And yes, there is no way you have it.

The reason I know this is because you revealed it in questions I was told to ask you.

Yes, you are doing this routinely with patients, basically waiting the weekend after the 72 hours has expired.

You then tell me C001 and the doctor I saw on Thursday have signed the Section 3 already.

You have failed to produce any written evidence of a Section 3. And this is criminal of all the people on duty.

I reminded you all that you were breaking the law and even the duty doctor knew this.

I phoned the police and the woman was Sandra and the time was 14:19 and she said there was no reason to doubt you.

But there is as I told her criminal activity in my section, there is even a file about you held in the Police station in Manchester and Fiumicino.

Yes you’ve done this before but when I was in Italy, I was released and they asked the British Embassy to release me too.

You never did this, C001 has lied to D001 in her statement.

Indeed there has been no evidence of anger at all during the entire time I have been in the doors of Moorside.

So where is it you’re going to go now? Hopefully prison one day, but I doubt it, because you all seem to be protected from criminal prosecution.

The best outcome for all is those responsible lose their jobs and find new vocations in counselling.

If you’d like to question any of these statements then please release them to the public and I will reveal who is who.

I’m since 14:00 on the 23rd March 2019 held without any section at all.

No section papers have been signed and there has not been a Mental Health Act Assessment done.

Please don’t destroy any of the notes you are making, I can make sure you will pay for it if you do.

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