N010 has lied to the medical file

I received after a couple of hours a simple note. He wrote just then. He even thinks he’s read me my rights.

This is not the document one receives when sectioned under Section 3.

Please see the date of the section, this was the morning I was interviewed by the doctor on the document but there was no Mental Health Act Assessment, and certainly C001 the last time I saw her was in the lobby when she handed me the CTO3 paper.

So C001 has actually no first hand assessment.

She has in fact doctored evidence and given slanderous words to D001.

D001 should recognise one thing, that ‘delusional beliefs’ are unfounded statements for detention. The reason is, there seems to be a little confession from the NHS, yes under European Law this is illegal. One is entitled as I’ve shown in the European Convention on Human Rights, to one’s own beliefs even if they are the only one who has them.

And yes, not a single person ever in my life has ever suffered harm from me. Quite the opposite to me, because yes C001 seems to be really on the war path along with many others in my old family and the NHS.

Here it is the note from Dr N010. Nurse of course, but why not, anyone can sign it. Really? It seems so. Why not, they do it anyway, don’t they, C001?

N010 gave the note, I took photographic evidence and the timestamp is 16:19. He then was asked a question at the medicine booth. N010 then disposed of the paper in the bin while I waited at the station. He said he would write me up in my medical file for doing what he accused me of in tearing it up.

I didn’t tear a single sheet of paper, N010 is lying through his teeth.

Please N010, please present your evidence, and do know never to do this again.

I remain under no section whatsoever right now, 5 hours into illegal detainment in Brook Ward in Moorside.

I expect they will doctor moor evidence, and this will of course be presented.

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