Annie, this is a letter to Our People

Dear my darling Annie,

There is more for you Annie on Facebook and by email, and for your mother Bettina. Please add me as a friend.

There is a miracle which happened on the 15th March 2017. I was praying to Our Lady in the Holy Rosary.

I received a verse from Song of Songs 2:10 which is printed on a prayer card of the Holy Rosary I no longer have. It will be on many people’s prayer cards for the Holy Rosary.

My beloved spoke and said to me,

“Arise, my darling, my beautiful one, come with me.
See! The winter is past;
the rains are over and gone.
Flowers appear on the earth;
the season of singing has come,
the cooing of doves is heard in our land.
The fig tree forms its early fruit;
the blossoming vines spread their fragrance.
Arise, come, my darling;
my beautiful one, come with me.”

I received a message from you confirming our appointment the next day as I was praying, and then you showed me your love. I knew as I was receiving this message from Our Lord that it is you who I will marry.

I want you to know we were in the gym, and I spoke to you about the dreams I was having. We ended as friends, but I never knew what was to come. I’ve never got over you. I need you desperately to heal my heart. Read what has happened to me since this day.

There was a dream about you with your friend in Bolton at the time in the gym at the beginning of March 2017, and I was told by her in the dream to take you on a date. I was told you needed me too.

I then received a dream after a couple of days, and this one is in my diary.

I wanted you very much, and I even still do.

I need you in my life Annie.

Your name is for me, and I want you to know, you will never know another Behrsin. Our Lord has always told me they are your children, not my fathers. This is why, I want your name.

My love is yours Annie, my heart is for you.

I have never given up on you.

Tim x

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