This is a prophetic song I received in April 2011. I did not write these words myself.

Generation lost, sublime desire.
Four hundred million souls, no heroes.
Labratory mice, in a Godless dance.
Abram’s green face fading on the bill.

America, America,
America, America.

From the burning towers, to the enemy song.
From the children of Utah, to the Capitol Hill.
Without hope, without pain.
Alone in time, the end of the world.

America, America.
America, America.

Birth in a cup, in a mindless cloning game.
Knowing only America, not where we came.
Seven starred angels, bless us with names.
Bullets fired without anger, all the rest is the same.

America, America.
America, America.
America, America.

If anyone wants to record this here is a simple recording. Please don’t send it out, I want it recorded professionally for His People of America. It is Divine Word in song. It is not a hymn.

It is a solemn song to chords picked on an acoustic guitar. I have no guitar here in Moorside.

Our mission for Our Lady of the Lilies is to be His Charity, Our Lord’s Charity for His People of North America.

God bless America.


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