His Body and Blood is with the Meehan family

Dear my family Meehan,

Please protect and adore His Body and Blood which was by my bed side in Italy.

I have asked you to do no more than keep Him safe.

He will be adored by many within a year.

Please Jane and Paul witness His Body to those in Holy Family Parish.

Please ask your daughters and your grandchildren too to find you soon in the Church.

Please take His Body out to St Joseph’s Parish as well but please do not let anyone remove it from the Cup.

Two people have touched His Body.

Timothy of Holy Family Parish and Marina Errede of Torrita Tiberina have both touched His Body.

No other DNA will be in His Cup.

Please, Archbishop, please witness this miracle.

It is My Body, My Cup, My Blood, it is My Mother’s DNA.

Believe in My Truth, believe and doubt, have faith and pray for this Miracle.

Thanks be to God.

Alleluia! Alleluia!

This is His Word in this Diary.

It is Our Lord’s Revelation of His Divine Truth and His Divine Life in Our Body.

Timothy Visser

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