The NHS holds me again against my will

There is a reason I am now happy.

The NHS is finally listening to what I have asked.

I have asked them to look again at the evidence.

Please know I don’t want any medication.

Then take 3 weeks to decide.

If you like I’ll stay longer, but please know there won’t be any medication inside me at all.

If you don’t believe me, run a test, check what those chemicals inside me have done to my blood stream.

There’s an impossibility in doing just that.

Yes, I doubt they even will hold me.

I am in Moorside now and have done what I was asked to do. Please see the diary entry in January.

Our Lord told me I am in danger, and yes also from the NHS, and He asked me to hand myself in.

Everything I’m doing is what Our Lord has told me.

Yes even denying Him to these people.

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